Gin and TopicsHappy Friday! Happy Friday!

(Or, by the time you receive this in your inbox…Happy weekend, happy weekend!)

In our house, we are counting down the days until summer break (13 more school days—and two of those are only half-days).

I’ve never had the summer vacation experience with my kid so I’m excited…and also a little scared. She’ll be at camp three days a week, but the two days she’s home, I’m going to have to work elsewhere or it’ll be too tempting to stop work and play.

For those of you who are experienced at summer vacations from school, lead me down the path, oh wise ones!

This week’s Gin and Topics is brought to you from Houston (and Chicago, but I don’t count).

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

The videos are courtesy of Susan Cellura, Kami Huyse, and yours truly.

5. Average Andy Wrestles. There are a ton of great quotes in here, but I think my favorite is, “Take more manly steps.”

4. I Went Vegan for 24 Hours. I was chatting with Kami the other day and she said, “You have to see my son’s YouTube channel” and she sent me the link. I watched the first video, “I Went Vegan for 24 Hours” and was peeing my pants. It’s so fantastic. So…introducing Kyler Huyse.

3. Sandra Bullock Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions. So…how would YOU answer the “name three things in your nightstand” question?

2. Tina Fey Reads Letter to Future Self. Tina was on The Tonight Show 29 days ago and she wrote a letter to her future self. This is that letter…yes, just 29 days later. All in honor of her hosting the season finale of SNL this weekend. Yay, Tina!

1. Celebrities Read Texts from Their Moms. I know Mother’s Day was last week, but this is worth celebrating one more week. Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read texts from their mothers…and it’s H-I-larious! I mean, I fully realize that I am easy to entertain, but I laughed out loud several times. I hope you do, too!

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