I believe fall has arrived! Which I would be totally excited about, but it also means football season and my Bears had a rough game last night.

What makes things worse is they lost to the Packers. It’s one thing to lose a game. It’s an entirely different thing to lose to the cheeseheads.

But alas! Next week is a new week and you’ll find me sitting at Soldier Field cheering them on.

This is going to be an interesting Gin and Topics because Mr. D and Rusty Speidel (with a little help from Jason Konopinski) rule it.

In fairness, they were on their A games this week. They found some seriously funny videos.

These are in no particular order. My favorite is not in the number one spot. I do this so as not to persuade you in any way.

5. Selling is Service. Service is Selling. I don’t really know how I can explain this. I feel like it’s just something you have to watch. They say it’s a video to learn how to bring your retail skills to the next level. But, well, um, yeah. Just watch.

4. Best of Farting Preacher. I can’t believe this is true. Surely they put the noises over the top of the videos?? Regardless, people think farting is funny (sorry, Lisa) so here you go!

3. Two Hamsters, One Wheel. This seriously is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The poor hamsters. Oh who am I kidding? It’s hilarious!

2. Razorbacks: United We Stand. OK. I’m a HUGE Bears fan. I can tell you ridiculous stats about the players like I’m a 12 year old boy. I watch every game as if my life depends on it. But this? This is over-the-top. A Razorbacks fan records a song for the team, after a loss. I particularly like her taped-up nose.

1. Awkward Pregnancy Photos. You’ve seen awkward family photos? Well this is awkward pregnancy photos. I have to say, I cannot imagine how this conversation goes at home. Honey, I’d really like to do some interesting photos with my belly? Yeah? Let’s do it! How about we have photos taken with your belly showing while you’re pulling my gun out of my holster.


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