Gin and TopicsIt’s been a really rough week in the U.S. and abroad.

As I walked through O’Hare last night, I watched people.

It made me feel like the opening of Love Actually.

Though there is so much hate going on around us, what’s right in front of us is the most important.

It’s important to have a voice. To speak out against racism. To stand up for our fellow human beings. To do something, rather than stay silent.

And remember there is a lot of good in this world.

This week’s Gin and Topics was designed to help you remember that.

Hold the people you love a little closer. Make eye contact with a stranger and say hello. Compliment someone walking down the street. Be kind.

This Week’s Gin and Topics

And watch these videos. The ones in the number one and three spots will especially warm your heart.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Nancy Converse, Erika Heald, MATTIE DIETRICH, Liz Reusswig, and Scott Monty.

5. SNL Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump, Jr“Last week we got some peanuts!” “Subpoenaed.” “Some peanuts!” Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. stop by Saturday Night Live to discuss their father and their summer, so far. It’s a funny video because it’s not too far from the truth. #truthisstrangerthanfiction

4. If Disney Movies Were Real. From Beauty and the Beast to Bambi and Cars to Pinocchio, this is what would happen if Disney movies were real. Not safe for work or for kinds younger than 16.

3. A Girl and Her Horse. With everything that is going on in the world, we need more videos like this. Meet Emma and Cinnamon—just a girl and her horse.

2. Lip Syncing Couple. Whose idea do you think this was? Do you think they’re hanging out on the couch and one of them says, “You know what would be fun?” However it came about, it’s awesome and they seem like super fun people.

1. Windex: The Story of Lucy. Another video to warm your heart. There is way more good in this world than bad, even though this will make you cry. I’m sorry for that, but it’ll be happy tears.

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Have a great weekend!

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