Gin and Topics
Let’s go back, waaaayyy back, back in time…

It is Sunday night, and your pre-teen self is sitting in your bedroom, listening to the local radio station.

You hear the DJ dedicating songs to listeners from other listeners, wishing and hoping that your name will be called.

Maybe you even pick up the phone and call in a dedication of your very own… “And now, here is Extreme’s More Than Words, going out to Donnie Wahlberg from Becki Todd…”

So in the spirit of tradition, I welcome you to my first guest hosting spot of Gin and Topics: Dedication Edition.

Through the comments section of Spin Sucks, I’ve come to meet so many brilliant and thoughtful people that I now am proud to call friends.

From my first connection with Gin herself, to meeting the witty and sassy LBell, to the amazing people featured in the weekly #FollowFriday posts, my little corner of the interwebz has become a better place. A smarter place. A kinder place. And mos def, a much sassier place.

With that in mind, I would like to send some video dedications to some of the fabulous crazies that enrich my life.

1. Recently, my friend Liz Reusswig joked about texting and walking in to a fountain. Luckily, Louis CK already has a solution…

2. Mack Collier recently released his new book, Think Like A Rock Star, detailing the genius marketing strategies employed by some rockers. Strangely, he did not focus on such classic elements as hairstyle and wardrobe…he probably should have checked this video out first.

3. Stacey Hood and I share a passion for the undead. WHEN the Zompocalypse finally occurs (and it will start with microwaved food…you heard it here first!), I’m glad to know my country has a plan.

4. For those of you who do not know, AD’s own LBell comes from Canada. Lots of talented people come from Canada – I mean hello? Nickelback? But us Canucks might be best known for our comedy chops. And nothing’s funnier than a foreign film…dubbed in Canadian!

5. I am so very happy for G and Mr. D taking a well-deserved holiday in Paris. Here are some tips for communicating with the French…


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