Gin and TopicsHappy Cinco de Mayo!

Today, I shall wear my favorite t-shirt.

It’s pink and it says, “Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me I’m Pretty.”

I hope your day is full of tacos and nachos and enchiladas and queso and tequila (if you drink it)…and people telling you you’re pretty.

I know someone in our office (cough, cough Laura) has been ready for days.

She even has a sombrero to mark the occasion.

If you happen to see her around the interwebz, ask her to send you a photo of her wearing said sombrero.

She’ll happily oblige.

This Week’s Gin and Topics

In the meantime, I present you with Gin and Topics.

Enjoy them with your Cinco de Mayo feast.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Laura Petrolino, Dawn Buford, Kate Nolan, Paula Kiger, and Travis Peterson.

5. The Clydesdale Donkey. This donkey wants to be a Clydesdale so badly, he trains for hours every day, he practices his walk, and he even gets hair extensions. See what happens on his big audition day.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Discusses Something Personal. At just three days old, Jimmy Kimmel’s son, Billy, had to have emergency open heart surgery. Jimmy tells the story and, I will warn you, it gets really emotional. Go ahead and start cutting onions so you can blame them on the tears.

3. Dog Wants the Sandwich. This will make you feel better after watching Jimmy Kimmel. A Great Dane has a temper tantrum when he can’t have some of his human’s sandwich. He even tries the “I love you!” bit to get him to acquiesce. Yes, the dog says, “I love you!”

2. Homemade Movies: Wonder Woman. This is what people do who have time on their hands. They remake movie trailers using plastic toys, mouth sounds, and a girlfriend who has a cool accent. Admittedly, I’m mad I didn’t think of it first.

1. Steph Curry Has New Life Coach. You know what sucks? Humans who are extraordinarily talentedĀ and are nice people/ mean, you can’t help but love Steph Curry. He’s just a good guy. After watching this, you will be more in love with him. Personally, I’d skip ahead to about the six minute mark. That’s when it becomes amazing.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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