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Hello, Friday. We meet again.

I know Texas and some of the southeast has had a ton of rain. No one is really talking about what’s going on in Chicago (we’re the Second City for a reason…everyone forgets about us and we have a huge chip on our shoulders because of it!).

It has rained every, single day for weeks now. It’s putting a serious hamper on weekend activities. Warm enough to play outside, but pouring rain.

No happy medium. Hrumph!

If you’re part of the world that is stuck inside, let’s commiserate together. Perhaps we petition Mother Nature to change her mood?

I’ll draw that up while you watch Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are brought to you courtesy of Justin Brackett, MATTIE DIETRICH, Sean McGinnis, Deb Dobson, and Mr. D.

5. First World Problems. Go ahead and get the onions out. You’ll need them when you watch this video. It’ll make you realize your first world problems are not that big. Told from the perspective of a dog while he’s dying, it’s incredibly moving. Blame the onions!

4. Jimmy Fallon Does Jim Morrison. He’s seriously so talented. It’s kind of not fair that one person has this much talent. Why doesn’t he share? He doesn’t HAVE to be funny and smart and a great impersonator and be able to sing and act. He should share! But watch him do Jim Morrison first.

3. Tractor Dancing. I’m not sure what to say about this. I suppose you should just watch it and decide for yourself. The name probably does it enough justice.

2. Mini Pig Eats Ice Cream. Because it’s a mini pig eating an ice cream cone!

1. Graham Norton and Emma Stone. I heart Emma Stone so much. And she loves Baby Spice. This might be the very best thing I have ever seen. Well, next to Tight Pants, that is. Graham Norton has a little surprise for Emma Stone while she’s visiting him for the Spiderman 2 opening. It is so fantastic.

Have a great weekend!

image credit: Mihai Petre

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