Gin and TopicsBy Gini Dietrich

Holy cow! Where is this year going?

We have third quarter nearly upon us. How have you done against your goals the first half of the year?

The summer is also going by too quickly. I know it just started, but jeez. I feel like I was just putting together last week’s Gin and Topics two seconds ago.

The good news is I started a nice cycling tan in May and just spent a couple of days on the beach in Florida with Mr. D.’s family (and Mattie Dietrich) so now it’s getting all evened out.

While you go work on your tan, I give you Gin and Topics for pure entertainment value.

This week’s videos are brought to you by Christina Pappas, Jess Ostroff, Amy Bailey, Randy Bowden, and Lindsay Bell-Wheeler.

1. All By Myself. This is what you do when you have a little extra time in the airport…and a camera that can apparently shoot video without a person behind the lens.

2. How to Write Hip Hop in 30 Seconds. Five-year-old Jordan teaches you how to write a hip hop song in just 30 seconds. The best is when he shows you how to write the lyrics.

3. A Snorkeler and a One-Ton Whale. This takes a while to get in to. A snorkeler takes his time to tell a story of how he found a one-ton whale entangled in nets. But it’s worth watching how he gained the whale’s trust to get her out of the nets…and then what happens once she’s free. Also, the guy in the Speedo is quite charming.

4. Strip Poker. I love it when a big brand creates an ad that is compelling enough to make you want to share it. This one is for Centrum Silver…and this is what happens when you feel young again.

5. First Moon Party. The humiliation! The mortification! The downright best way to make your teenaged daughter hate you for life! Throw her a first moon party to celebrate her entrance into womanhood. The guys might not think it’s as funny as us girls do, but it’s worth a watch…if you aren’t one of the more than two million people who watched it in the first day.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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