Gin and TopicsBy Lindsay Bell

I think this might be my first ever Gin and Topics! Wheee!

I must admit, working on this has me feeling like I’ve been wasting time surfing YouTube and slacking off at work.

Related: I seriously love my job.

I’m off on a week of holidays starting in three…two…one…and I didn’t want any of you to forget about me (as if), so without further ado I present to you, Gin and Topics – EllBee style!

This week’s videos are brought to you by Mr. D himself, Jason Konopinski, Rebecca Todd, Sean McGinnis, and yours truly. Have fun!

5. Julie and the Deathly Surgeon. Remember back in the old days, when you could recover from anesthetic with a modicum of decorum? Yeah, me too. I was prepared to dislike this video, as the genre is a dime a dozen, but I ended up falling slightly in love with Julie and her hubby Cameron. She really is cute as a bug in a rug. This is long, at six plus minutes, so maybe save it for later, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

4. Football on Your Phone. I still don’t truly understand the obsession Americans have with football. I’ve tried to learn the rules, to no avail, and watched – eyeballs rolling back in head – as my Twitter feed and Facebook wall fill up with NFL related commentary every fall. That said, this video featuring the Manning Brothers (who?) is pretty funny. Pay close attention to the lyrics. Hilarious. A well-played spoof of all the playah-type vids and music of today, these two seemed to genuinely be having fun, and weren’t afraid to look like idiots – a trait I admire in people. (Note from Gini: And a cameo from the patriarch, Archie himself!)

3. An American Coach in LondonBWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can’t. Stop. The. Tears!! Honestly – I had to stop watching this I was laughing so hard. Now granted, being a Canadian with a soft spot for anything British, it’s no surprise I died over this one. But fear not Americans! Your love of football will have you laughing just as hard as I was (ok maybe not, but close). In Europe, of course, football is what us heathen North Americans call soccer. So, transplant a hard core American football coach onto British soil, to coach the premier league Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and watch as hilarity ensues.

2. Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke & The Roots Sing “Blurred Lines”. There’s been an awful lot of chatter about Gini’s favorite song Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines.” Heck, we even highlighted it last week. Some people are calling the lyrics borderline abusive, and the video is apparently a tad not safe for work. I had never heard the song. Until today. Oh Jimmy Fallon, I bow in the direction of your indefatigable awesomeness. When Fallon and The Roots started playing pop songs – with the artist – using kindergarten musical instruments, I knew he had my heart for all eternity. If you like the song, if you hate the song – watch this. Because I guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like it. Also, watch The Roots members. Their facial expressions are pure gold. (Note from Gini: And when Robin Thicke smiles? Wow.)

1. Snuffy The Seal. And last but certainly not least, in the number one spot – and in honor of shark week – I leave you with…Snuffy the Seal. May his return to the ocean be the beginning of a joyous and fruitful life.

NOTE: Please feel free to email your video finds to me, as well as Gini, each week! I’ll be working with Gin and Topics guest writers until the beginning of October, and it’s a huge help. I can be reached at [email protected].

Have a great weekend everyone!

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