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How about that Bears game on Thursday night? Holy cow. I didn’t think they were going to pull it out.

I thought, for sure, I was going to have to listen to my friends taunt me about how MY team lost to the 0-5 Giants.

Instead I’m listening to how much our defense sucks and how it’s shameful we let the Giants score 21 (as if I can do anything about it).

All I have to say is: SCOREBOARD! It wasn’t pretty, but we won.

To that end, I have included a sixth video at the end of the blog post, which Giants fan – Howie Goldfarb – posted on my Facebook wall.

The rest of these videos are courtesy of Mr. D, Jay Smith (our favorite bartender at Fernando’s), Tara Geissinger, and yours truly. Clearly Mattie Dietrich is shirking her responsibilities this week.

5. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise. This promo for the remake of Carrie is brilliant! They set up a coffee shop with tricks and stunt people, to make it look like a customer has telekinetic powers. She goes a little nuts when a guy spills coffee on her laptop. The reactions from the customers in the coffee shop are priceless.

4. Washington State Popcorn Guy. We had ESPN on the other night and they were doing their top 10 countdown of best moments from sports for the week. It was pouring rain during the Washington State/Standford game and most of the fans had either left or were inside. This guy, though, he wasn’t going anywhere. He watched the game and ate his popcorn. All. Of. His. Popcorn.

3. Cat Massage. I have to think this isn’t real. Surely it can’t be real. A very nice lady with an 80s haircut and wearing an 80s shirt teaches us the appropriate way to massage your cat. It’s no longer cool to just pet your cat. You have to, “Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast.” Learn about the whisker watch alert, the right way to massage, and how to encourage drooling.

2. Captain Kirk Watches Miley Cyrus. We just can’t get enough of Miley! In this video, Captain Kirk and his crew watch her at the VMAs. Seriously, the people who have the time to produce these kinds of videos amaze me. The hours it must take to find the exact footage for the reactions to her twerking. Amazing.

1. Girls Don’t Poop. You never get too old for poop, but it’s not a topic of conversation for teenaged girls (unlike our male counterparts). But PooPourri puts it all out there in the open, forces us to have the discussion, and provides a solution for being stink-free, guaranteed.

BONUS. Dancing Bear. Howie posted this on my wall with the caption, “Bears fan caught on film goes viral.” Go Bears!

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