It’s the first week of May. Spring has finally arrived (in Chicago). The flowers are blooming. My tulips are colorful. The hyacinth smell great. It’s warm enough to ride outside.

And everyone is writing gut-wrenching blog posts.

So get your Kleenex (guys, you too) and settle in for this week’s Gin and Topics.

I apologize in advance.


5. Just a Dog. While this blog post about Tucker, from Jim Mitchem, is a few months old, Becky Johns thought I should read it again today (gee, Becky, thanks). I’m scared to death of Jack Bauer dying and for those of you who love your pets as if they’re human beings, you’ll appreciate this gut-wrenching story about Tucker.

4. The Love of My Life. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Nancy Davis writes an ode to her eight-year-old son. She says:

Last year on Mother’s Day, we made blueberry pancakes, which we do every year. He also had a little gift for me. He made a book at school called “All About Mom” and it had little drawings, and other cute fill-in-the-blank pages. One of the pages said “If I could give my Mom anything I would give her…” My son answered THE WORLD.

If that doesn’t make you bawl your eyes out, the rest of the post will.

3. In Memory of Hank. Shonali Burke wrote this wonderful blog post about Hank, her basset hound, who died three years ago. Even though the passing was three years ago, the hurt and emotion are still very raw. For those of you who don’t have pets, you probably think we’re all crazy. They’re just part of the family.

2. Hands Free. Arminda Lindsay’s daughter turned 13 this week and, as part of becoming a teenager, decided she no longer wanted to hold hands with her mom. I get that. You get that. Arminda gets it. But it doesn’t stop the tears from falling while you read about the transition.

1. The Last Post. Derek Miller died on Wednesday, but he’d written a blog post about his life that he asked his family to post at his passing. This is it. And, if you read nothing else, read this one.

I hope you’ll always remember what is important in life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you parents out there!

Gini Dietrich

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