Gin and TopicsHappy Friday, everyone!

Happy March!

Spring will be upon us soon—after the east coast gets bombarded with more snow and wind.

Daylight saving is here in another week.

The days will be longer. The birds will lay eggs. We can all go back outside.

(Except for those of you who live in warmer climates and can be outside all year round.)

As you think about all the glorious things you can do when it’s warmer outside, I will leave you with Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics Presents…

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kelly Dietrich, Kate Nolan, Betsy Decillis, and Susan Cellura.

5. The Best Cover Letter Ever. This guy just totally upped the game for applying for jobs. Now, if you don’t make a video of yourself rapping to a song you made up about the organization, you won’t get the job. #theend

4. The Real Harry Potter Trailer. If Harry Potter were to have an honest trailer, this is exactly what it would be. If you haven’t read the books or watched the movies—and still plan to do so—DO NOT WATCH THIS. There is a major spoiler alert and, while you won’t know why it’s a big deal, after you become immersed, you will blame me. I don’t want to be blamed. So don’t watch it. For the rest of you, carry on.

3. Meet the Grammar Vigilante. OH MY GOSH! I have always wanted to do this. It makes me crazy to see signs out in the wild that are incorrect. Why is “signs” possessive in Gabby’s Sign’s? This man is my hero. He goes around changing signs in the middle of the night. I want to be him when I grow up.

2. Drum Line Has Swagger. On Michigan Avenue and on the museum campus (where Soldier Field also resides), you will find lines of drummers doing exactly this, but with large, white buckets. These guys could totally take their show on the road and make some bank.

1. Average Andy Gets Lesson from Tonya Harding. With “I, Tonya” out this year, Tonya Harding is getting another breath of publicity. Which I find odd because what she did to Nancy Kerrigan was horrible and she shouldn’t be making any money off of it. And yet…here we are. But this segment with Average Andy is pretty funny. I love him.

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