Gin and TopicsWOOHOOO!!!

I’ve successfully taken over Gin and Topics.

Starting today it will officially be renamed: “Laura on The Rocks,” or maybe “Laura Colada,” OMG…no “Petro Colada.”

From now we will call Gin and Topics…Petro Colada!

Ok, maybe just for the next two weeks, but let’s live these two weeks up loud and proud!

Next order of business here on Petro Colada:


Let us all take a moment and wish her a very, very, very happy Gini day.

Even better: Post your birthday wish on social or in our Slack group.

Let’s make it rain with Gini Day celebrations.

I want #GiniDay to trend on Twitter.

Can some one rent a plane to draw “Happy Gini Day” in the sky?

Who is in charge of the plane?

Is anyone in a marching band? Can we get a marching band to parade down the streets of Chicago?

As we speak school children are creating her likeness out of beans and dried macaroni.

Currently I’m hard at work to make every stop sign to shoot glitter out at stopped cars in her honor, all day long. I seem to be facing some opposition from traffic control on this one. But rest assured I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THERE IS GLTTER FOR EVERYONE.

While I work on glitter stop signs, please enjoy this week’s episode of Petro Colada (the series formerly know as Gin and Topics) with videos courtesy of Corina ManeaKelly Dietrich, Mattie Dietrich, Alina Kelly, and yours truly.

5. Girl Power The Disney Princess Way: To this day I’ll watch Mulan if I feel beat down or really want to get pumped up about something. Disney has done so much, especially in recent years, to show girls they can be heroes—just for who they are. This compilation speaks to that, and reminds us there is a Disney princess waiting to inspire us all!

4. Maybe We Have More in Common Than We Think? This is absolutely beautifully done. In a world that often focuses on what divides us, it’s a wonderful reminder that it is actually through those differences, as well as our (often surprising) similarities, we are truly united.

3. Barn Dancing That Puts Your Excuses to Shame. Haven’t gotten on top of those fitness New Year’s resolutions yet? Well this guy is about to go shame you to a treadmill. Not only is he an amazing dancer, but he is the survivor of several back surgeries, including a discectomy and a spinal fusion (ouch). Yet he’s out in a barn breaking it down with some goats. My favorite are the goats admiring his mad skillz. After all, goats know how to boogie.

2. Dog Arguing with Owners. Oliver argues with me like this all the time, as does George (the cat). But his real secret weapon are his facial expressions. My favorite is his “teenager” look, when I punish him about something and he thinks I’m being absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure any dog parent can relate to one of these scenes.


1. Melissa McCarthy is a Better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer. No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, I think we can all agree Melissa McCarthy is a freaking genius. I’d love to know the thought process between making her Sean Spicer, but it’s a thing of beauty.

Have a great weekend! I’m going to spend it playing in the foot of snow we’ve gotten this week.

And please help me make next week’s Petro Colada the best ever. Send us your funny videos, or post them in the Slack group, and be a Petro Colada (Gin and Topics) All Star!


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