gin and topicsWow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

It’s here.

The New Year is THREE days away.


Are you ready?

I have the champagne chilling and the noisemakers ready to fire!



But it’s okay.

I am channeling my inner #PetroPower and moving forward.

When I was asked to prepare the last edition of Gin and Topics for the year, I felt honored.

Then I realized Gini Dietrich must be punishing me for something because I’ve been scrambling ever since!

Of course, there may or may not be a surprise for her in this edition of Gin and Topics (mwahahaha).

With that disclaimer, take a break from all the last minute crazy deadlines you are trying to meet and ease into the relaxed portion of your holiday season – remember to take time to laugh.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Corina Manea and moi, and all have been tested and approved by my daughter, Emily.

The Last Gin and Topics of the Year

5. Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Snowball Fight. Kind of like the Super Bowl, Christmas just isn’t complete without a Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. This is one of my favorites.

4. Shawnee Mission East High School Varsity Choir. First, turn up your volume because this was filmed by a parent in the audience. Second, pay attention to the times they sing “Fa La La La” and see if you can identify each adaptation.

3. Ellen Scares Will Smith for the ‘Gram. Ellen is known for her “scare” pranks, but this time she sets Will Smith up admirably. Duck lips.

2. Best Dog Videos of 2017. I have two dogs and a cat so it was difficult to leave a cat video out of this version of G&T. However, I do this with a nod to JB and Oliver-with best wishes from my dogs, Cooper and Hunter. “Petting your dog is very relaxing.”

1. Squirrels Dancing to Mariah Carey. My dearest Gini, you knew I would find a way to include squirrels. And when I found this—a Christmas squirrel video—it was clear that it had to be dedicated to you. xoxo!

(Note from Gini: this is just wrong. I despise these animals.)

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Happy New Year!

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