Everyone is back from SXSW and I think they’re spending some time recovering. It’s been REALLY quiet!

But things are not quiet on the Arment Dietrich and Project Jack Bauer fronts. Our latest newsletter came out this morning and, in it, we give you two big things: An April webinar about building community and our newly released eBook, called “Dear CEO: Letters to the C-Suite from Experts on Vision, Culture, Community, and Integration.”

The book compiles advice from 32 business leaders and I’m really pleased with how it turned out! And…it’s available for your eReader, which was NOT an easy feat.

The beta for Project JB launches on April 4. We had a meeting on Wednesday where we realized we’re only six weeks from launching. Holy. Cow. Nearly three years in the making and we’re six weeks away. Anyone have that puke bag for me?

So not quiet here, but we were happy to learn from those of you who did attend the festival. Thanks for that!

With that, I give you Gin and Topics with Chrysler, Domino’s, pay walls, lessons from SXSW, and an inspiring story from a heroin addict turned serial entrepreneur.

5. Guy Who Lost Job Over Chrysler Tweet Speaks Up. You’d think I’d be tired of the Chrysler tweet story already. But the guy who was fired was interviewed by the Free-Press AND it just came out that 20 Detroit residents were let go because of this whole event. Shelly Kramer does a great job of breaking it all down for you, including a video from Eminem that shows why Chrysler needs to loosen up. You also should check out the conversation we’re having with Scott Monty, from Ford, in the comments on Spin Sucks.

4. Please Stop Calling It a Wall. Yesterday I received an email from the New York Times stating that, as a subscriber, I now have access to their information on my iPad. And yes, they’re going to begin charging for the content. And who can blame them? The idea that we all expect content for free is as ridiculous as expecting a five-star dining experience for free. And I don’t say that because I create content. I say that because we’re not entitled to anyone’s thinking, just because it’s digital, for free. This particular article asks 11 digital media experts what they think…and they don’t all agree.

3. Miracle on Luckie Street. I was completely inspired, and impressed, by this story about Bob Williamson, a teenage vagabond, homeless drifter, armed robber, check forger, alcoholic, methhead, and heroin addict who turned his life completely around and became a serial entrepreneur (instead of a “serial killer” in his words). For any of you (cough, all of us) who have ever thought you can’t achieve your dreams, this is a must read.

2. Nine Ways to Profit from SXSW Even If You Weren’t There. For those of us who didn’t make the trip to Austin this year, we are fortunate to have a lot of information coming out of the event. Barry Moltz provides nine things you can learn from his attendance and put it to use in your business life immediately.

1. Managing By Mea Culpa. This is a fantastic piece by Inc. on how Domino’s, Nokia, and other big brands are handling their turnarounds and crisis situations. Patrick Doyle, Domino’s CEO, told the AP, “The old days of trying to spin things simply doesn’t work anymore. Great brands going forward are going to have a level of honesty and transparency that hasn’t been seen before.” Yeah, Patrick! Spin Sucks!

Always big thanks to Jennifer Hallowes for the image we use every week!

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