gin and topicsHello Friday, my old friend.

I’ve come to talk with you again.

Because a vision softly creeping.

Left its seeds while I was sleeping.

And the vision that was planted in my brain.

Still remains.

Within the sound of the weekend.

Wow. I either need sleep or wine. Or perhaps both.

Someone save me!

I won’t keep you from Gin and Topics.

I’m going to go take a nap.

(Just kidding, Spin Sucks team! I totally wrote this before bedtime so I’m not sneaking away in the middle of the day to nap. Or am I…?)

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Adam Cormier, Erika Heald, and yours truly.

5. Thai Prime Minister is Brilliant. The Thai prime minister didn’t want to ask journalist’s questions so he brought out a life-sized cut-out of himself and told them to quiz that instead. The best part is they all “shake” his hand and get their photos taken. I said I was going to do this at an event. Just post a cut-out of myself at the registration desk.

4. Helping the Homeless. Though the holidays are over, this Amazon Prime Now video is incredible. It makes me want to stroll the streets of Chicago and order things our homeless need. What a cool idea!

3. Dame Helen Mirren Discovers She’s Younger than She Thought. If you were to aspire to be like someone, it would be Helen Mirren. She’s a gorgeous woman, both inside and out. And what a beautiful accent. This is a great interview with Ellen. Keep watching past when she discovers how old she is. She’s someone you’d want to hang out with.

2. Boob Weights. I sent this to Laura Petrolino and said, “Not that either of us can commiserate, but this video of two guys wearing boob weights is H-I-larious! #smallboobsunite” I’m kind of impressed they even tried it.

1. Oprah in 2020. I have to admit, when I saw everyone freaking out about Oprah running or not running for president in 2020, I was a bit mystified. I thought people were just super stoked after watching her Golden Gloves speech. It was that great. And jokingly, I would say #Oprahin2020! But I didn’t think anyone was serious. Apparently I was wrong. If you haven’t yet watched her speech, it is worth every bit of the nine minutes you will spend with her. Watch this and you’ll spend your weekend inspired. (And is anyone else impressed she did this without blubbering like an idiot? I couldn’t have done that!)

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