Well, here we are again. Another Friday. Another week that went by way too quickly.

The storm the east coast is getting started here yesterday, but it must be picking up steam as it moves because we really just have one giant snow cone without the syrup.

I’ll admit I’m insanely jealous you’ll be getting two feet of snow. I still haven’t been able to use my cross-country skis. Even Toronto is getting all sorts of snow. I know this because Lindsay Bell won’t shut up about it. It’s as if she knows she’s ripping my heart out of my chest every time she tells me how much snow they have.

But you know what? It’s my birthday weekend and if Mother Nature doesn’t want me to have skiable snow, so be it (wondering if reverse psychology works on her).

This week’s Gin and Topics are brought to you from Terreece Clarke, Kat Krieger, Rebecca Todd, Mr. D., and me.

5. Bride’s Special Dance. Alright, I’ll admit I watched this when I was overly tired and had a glass of wine in me, but it made me sob like a little girl. This woman’s brothers surprised her at her wedding with her dad’s favorite song (he passed away before the wedding) and the men in her life took turns dancing with her in honor of the father/daughter dance. You’ll cry. I guarantee it.

4. Unbelievable Kid Does Trick Shots. This two-year-old is freaking amazing. I’m pretty sure the NBA is already calling him, minus the fact he probably can’t dribble yet. But wait until you see the end where he makes shots with all sorts of distractions. Phil Jackson has his next Michael Jordan.

3. Two Dogs Skype. I am serious when I say Rebecca Todd and I are going to try this. I laughed so hard watching this. Watch the guy in the corner. Either he’s wearing earbuds or this is such a normal occurrence, he doesn’t need to look up and see what the heck is going on.

2. You Only Live Once. I don’t know how to explain this other than it’s awesome and you must watch it. I won’t ruin the surprise by saying anything more. Just watch.

1. Iron Man 3. During the Super Bowl on Sunday, they showed the Iron Man 3 commercial. I yelled, “THERE IS MY BOYFRIEND!” and then my phone pinged and it was a Facebook comment from Jason Konopinski that said, “YOUR BOYFRIEND.” Man. I love Robert Downey Jr., and cannot wait for this movie to come out! But more, I could just watch the first :36 of this clip over and over and over again.

Have a great weekend everyone. And for those of you on the east coast, go out and play in the snow for me!

Gini Dietrich

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