While I was in Florida this week, winter arrived in Chicago. In October. Global warming, my butt. It gets earlier and earlier every year…and stays later and later.

It’s all good, though. I love the colder temperatures. It means hats, scarves, sweaters, and boots.

It also means riding my bike on the trainer so if anyone has any good tips for keeping me from getting bored out of my mind for two hours while I ride in one place, I’m all ears!

You might notice the new photo on today’s post. My dear friend Annie Weiskopf asked if we could have a different gin this week and I told her if she created it, I would show it. And she did! With the help of her son, Jacob.

Thanks to Anne, we have Hendricks and topics today.

5. A Tall Tale, But True: Men In Heels. I don’t know what’s going on in the shoe industry right now, but they are all the rage. First, men are wearing heels to parties in order to “see over the cattle.” Yes, men in heels. I’m not sure why men would want to wear heels. They’re not super comfortable. And it makes a 6’2″ guy really tall. Add to that, Christian Louboutin describes why his shoes are so popular with us girls. You have to read it to believe it. All the rage. (Thanks to Deb Dobson and Jamie Sandford for their part in this topic.)

4. Moms Continue Flocking to Facebook. If you do any work with moms as a target audience, pay close attention to this study. It shows two-thirds of the nation’s moms are on Facebook. Two. Thirds.

3. Essential Apps for Start-Ups. I’d say these are essential apps for anyone. The other day, ChicagoCabbie (yes, you can tweet him and he’ll pick you up) took my credit card via Square attached to his iPad. So. Freaking. Cool. If you take credit cards, this is a great way to do it. And it emailed me my receipt so I didn’t have to worry about trying to find it at the bottom of my purse when I got home.

2. How to Grow Your Subscriber Lists. It might be because a client has asked us for new ways to grow his readership, but I thought this article was really interesting. It works for email marketing, blogging, or web traffic, in general.

1. Kevin Bacon on Footloose Anniversary. I went to a lot of effort to get you this video so you’d better watch it. It’s priceless. And please, let’s discuss the dance moves at the end. If you can call them that.

Special thanks to my dear friend Anne Weiskopf and her brilliant son, Jacob, for the new photo!

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