Gin and TopicsHello, Friday. So we meet again.

This year is going by so ridiculously fast. Before you know it, Buddy the Elf will be here to help me count down the Fridays until Christmas (22).

Of course, I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. Which would make today Saturday…and it’s not.

So there is that.

But still…super fast.

And on this mid-summer episode of Gin and Topics, we have babies, a sign language whiz, gun control (if you can get all the way through it), mailboat jumpers, and Americans who can’t name a country. A single country.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

Videos this week are courtesy of Susan Cellura, Erika Heald, Katie Robbert, MATTIE DIETRICH, and yours truly.

5. Put Your Hands Up. Only a guy would think to unwrap his baby to rap songs so they’re perfectly timed when she puts her hands up. (I’m jealous—I wish I thought of these things.) It’s pretty adorable.

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4. Who is America? Sacha Baron Cohen is back doing his old-school-type interviews. You remember. He pretends to be someone else and interviews an expert on a hot issue or topic. In this video, he tackles gun control. Honestly, I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. I got too angry.

3. Sign Language Interpreter at Eninem Concert. This is not safe for work because, well, Eninem (language). But watch his sign language interpreter during the supersonic speed rap portion of this song. I bow down to her.

2. Mailboat Jumpers. How have I never seen this?!? In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, they deliver mail by jumping from boat to dock…and back again. If this had been around when I was a teenager, I definitely would have tried out. Heck, I want to do it now!

1. Can You Name a Country? I love these videos that make us Americans look so ignorant. Like the one a couple of weeks ago where not a single person could name a book. A BOOK. What is wrong with you? Now Jimmy Kimmel shows people a map and asks them to name a country on it. Lots of people said Africa (not a country) and most of them had no idea where America is on the map. Make sure you watch to the end. It’s worth it.

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