Gin and TopicsThe Polar Vortex is finally finished and we all survived.

I’ll admit it was a little touch-and-go there for a bit. I thought we might start eating one another.

Not because we ran out of food. Oh no! Because 72 hours in the house without internet is a looooong time.

And yes, we had no internet. Which meant I was doing as much work as I could with a phone, my thumbs, and cell coverage.

And then the coverage started acting like it does during a Cubs playoffs game and it’s overloaded (I live four blocks from the ballpark and it ALWAYS affects us).

So that was fun.

The Bean is so stir crazy, she built a pillow house last night, using every pillow in the real house. And then she’d stand on my bed and jump into it.

Over and over and over and over and over again.

At least she jumped some energy out…and I was able to write Gin and Topics.

Speaking of which, it is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

This week’s videos are courtesy of Julie Murphy, Betsy Decillis, Heather Feimster, Christopher S. Penn, and yours truly.

5. School Officials Announce Snow Day. Holy cow! These guys are super talented. We just got an email that said, “All of you parents who work? SORRY!” OK, it didn’t really say that. It just said school was closed for eternity. OK, for two and a half days. This is far better.

4. Way to Go, Norway! When Betsy submitted this, she said, “Greg Brooks has a new hero.” “Hero” is being kind. This guy is clearly insane.

3. Ruined Call of Duty Game. I really, really, really hope Mr. D doesn’t see this. Because Bean and I are totally going to do it to him. YES!

2. Jeremy Jordan Sings “Let It Go.” The story Jeremy Jordan tells at the start of this is worth the video itself…and then he starts to sing.

1. Marie Kondo on Ellen. I hate to admit how hard this made me laugh. When he said, “I feel like I’m with the cops!” I died. LOL! Working for Ellen must be both a treat and a real challenge. You have to be a really good sport. And, the stuff he has in his office is a riot. Very, very funny!

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Have a great weekend!

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