gin and topicsHappy Birthday, Mattie! Mattie! Happy Birthday!

Mattie’s birthday is tomorrow so we thought it’d be fun for her to host Gin and Topics this week.

Without further ado…here she is, in all her wonderful, birthday glory!

Ladies and Gents…Mattie Dietrich

Hey, everyone!

I can’t believe I not only convinced Gini to let me write this, but that it was my idea!

I had to have been drinking when I asked.

Anything to get my name in bold pink writing, right?

(Editor’s note: we always put Mattie’s name in pink because she doesn’t have an internet presence for us to link to when she submits a video.)

Anyway, first things first, only one more Friday before Christmas! I hope you’re prepared!

It’s also the day before my birthday and as Gini always says:

sometimes your choose your family, sometimes you’re stuck with them, and other times, you marry into them.

She married my brother and I got another amazing sister. Now I have three! How lucky am I?!

OK, enough sappy stuff. Gross. Mushy love stuff.

On to Gin and Topics!

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are all courtesy of Mattie Dietrich.

5. 20 Hyenas Attack a Lion. Sometimes even a lion needs help. I was holding my breath even though the outcome is in the title.

4. Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun. Sometimes what looks like torture is pure joy for someone else. Some people think going to crowded events and parties is an amazing experience. I prefer to be home alone with my pup, Mr. Odinn Lee. I’d include a photo but IDK how.

3. News Anchors Try Co-Worker’s Dip.Sometimes you just need your friends to be in the muck with you. LOL! It’s like when someone tastes something and then hands it to you and says, “Does this taste bad?” I DON’T WANT TO TRY IT NOW!

2. John Krasinski Got Emotional Alongside Matthew McConaughey During Their Wives’ Citizenship Ceremony. Jim Krazinski tells the greatest joke never told. The movie is so wrong, but we all love his character in Dazed and Confused. Also! If you love Laffy Taffy jokes as much as I do, you’ll love this joke! Just wait for it!

1. Squirrel Jumps on UPS Man’s Shoulder. Gini HATES squirrels, which we all find hysterical, so I had to include a video of a cute one. I also love that he’s boogey-ing while he waits for the homeowner.

Happy Friday, everyone, and thanks for letting me play!

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