Gin and TopicsHappy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Another Friday…which means the end of the first quarter is going to be here before we know it.

I just went through the goals I wrote at the first of the year. I’d give myself a solid C on doing what I said I’d do.

But nothing beats a deadline. We have three weeks left in the quarter. Join me in beating your goals?

Well, first, watch Gin and Topics. And then join me!

This week’s videos are courtesy of Susan Cellura, Lou Draper, Tara Geissinger, Corina Manea, and Erika Heald.

Thanks for your help, friends!

Without Further Ado… Gin and Topics

5. Mom Truths. This made me laugh out loud. It’s funny…because it’s true. I mean, “Wiping your butt takes years. YEARS!” I have a friend who posted on Facebook about a week ago, “You guys! My kid has finally mastered wiping her bum! Now the only bum I have to wipe is my own!” So here you go…mom truths.

4. Shortland Street. Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin did a retake of a scene from Shortland Street, which is a soap opera that airs in New Zealand. Lou Draper says it’s either loved or hated by most there. In this episode, Chris Warner sends son Harry’s girlfriend, Lily, home. Then he reveals the nude photos his son was taking synced to Warner’s iPad.

3. The Best Parade on Earth. This is described as “literally the best parade I’ve ever witnessed.” I agree.

2. Animals Falling Asleep. Animals. They’re just like us. These are like when you fall asleep on the plane and your head jerks forward. Just me? Well, me and these animals. I’m not sure we need 11 minutes of it, but the first few minutes will make you chuckle.

1. If Apps Were Real. This is fantastic! I can’t decide which is my favorite: Timehop, Boomerang, Vine, or Pokemon Go. They’re all pretty funny! This is one of those video ideas I wish I’d thought of. If only I had 36 hours in my days.

Have a great weekend!

And, don’t forget, if you see a video you love, send it to me. We’d love to add it to our consideration file.

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