Gin and TopicsI would like to lodge a complaint with management.

Several weeks ago, Mr. D. asked me if we were going to have summer hours this year.

I had canceled them a few years ago because, well, some people took advantage.

The whole two people ruining it for the rest of us scenario.

But I agreed that I now work with grownups—workaholics, in fact—so we could try again.

Super excitedly, I announced summer hours would begin this week and we all talked about what we would do with our summer hours.

I said Mr. D. would most certainly want to go to the movies every Friday because, you know, the movies we see now are those of the princess genre.

So we set it in stone and prepared for a summer of Friday afternoons off.

Yesterday morning, I asked him what movie he’d like to see during our summer hours and he looked at me blankly.


Is anyone free to go see Wonder Woman with me this afternoon?


Without Further Ado… Gin and Topics

While I wander around aimlessly this afternoon, I shall leave you with Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of MATTIE DIETRICH, David Hornreich, and Paula Kiger.

5. Benefits of Cucumber. I have no idea what to say about this. Just watch it. You’ll be…something. Cu cum ba!

4.  Legendary Pranks by Math Teacher. This prank is fantastic and I love how engaged his class is. BUT. HOW the heck did he do that?! Don’t leave us hanging!

3. Girl on Laughing Gas. I don’t know why we find people on laughing gas so hilarious, but so be it. It is H-I-larious! My favorite quote of the whole video is not, in fact, about ice cream. Rather, “Mom! I’m shaped like a grasshopper!” And then she demonstrates.

2. Sonic Commercial. Chris Evans tweeted, “I’m pretty sure we can ALL agree, regardless of political affiliation, that the guys in the Sonic commercials are consistently hilarious.” And Sonic responded with this in less than six hours. Amazing.

1. Randy Rainbow Gives #Covfefe the Broadway Medley It Deserves. OK, I know some of you are tired of covfefe, but you have to give it one last chance. Because it’s Randy Rainbow. And it’s Broadway songs. And it’s perfect.

Don’t forget…if you see a great video you think would be a contender for this series, send it to me!

The best place to send it is in our Slack community, but you can also email, text, private message, or carrier pigeon it to me.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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