Gin and Topics:The Petro Colada Lives OnWelcome to week two of THE PETRO COLADA.

(Did you like all the exclamation marks I put in the title. Go big or go home, baby.)

This is the series formally known as Gin and Topics, but now I’ve taken over and it’s a whole new barrel of petro colada fun….

At least until next week, when Gini comes back and I get another talk about how I can’t rename everything after myself.

But until then, let’s get this party started.

Many focused on Valentine’s Day this week—which is possibly the most polarizing day on the planet. Great for some, and a really freaking depressing for others.

Here in Portland the Valentine’s Day Bandit decorates the doors and windows of a majority of the businesses downtown with hearts. This year I also noticed heart confetti at the entrances of buildings.

Things like this are part of why I love Portland, so much charm.

Every year as an adult I’m reminded what a bummer it is to not have an entire classroom to give you Valentines. If I could change some of the adulting rules, that would definitely be one of them.

I want to decorate my shoebox, put it outside, and have it filled up with Sponge Bob and Star Wars Valentines.

Is that too much to ask?

Until that can happen, I’ll be disappointed every year.

Anyway, while I wallow in despair over my empty shoebox, please enjoy this week’s episode of Petro Colada (the series formerly know as Gin and Topics). Videos this week courtesy of Corina Manea, Erika Heald, Bill Clifford, David Hornreich, and Paula Kiger.

5. The Champagne Vending Machine: I’m don’t drink much other than water and the occasional thimble of coffee. Let’s face it, no one wants to be around me and too much caffeine or ANY alcohol. Regardless, I love when people drink champagne. It makes even the biggest curmudgeon like a giddy school girl. So I’m definitely in favor of this vending machine.

4. Make This Part of Your Morning Ritual: This little girl is truly my spirit animal. Can we just all promise to start our day with a rally cry like this for the next month and see what happens.

3. Babies Video Chat with Each Other: In the category of  “babies are more technology literate that you”….Watch out comm pros, if this isn’t a reminder to stay on top of the latest trends, I don’t know what is? You are going to be marketing to these Facetiming babies one day soon.

2.The Ultimate Grocery Store Love Songs: Ok, honestly, please don’t judge me for this video. I had to include it because Paula posted it and…well, she walks a fine line of sanity (and knowing what day it is), so we have to be nice to her. But, I will admit, the “food-ified” artist names at the end are pretty funny—Celine Dijon, Tony Benedict!

1. Giving Back to the Awful Waffle: Anyone who grew up or lived in the south has spent some quality time at a Waffle House, most likely between the hours of 1 and 6am, possibly intoxicated (unless you were a trucker, then your shift is between 4 am 7am, hopefully not intoxicated). If you have never experienced The Waffle House, please make a visit your next trip down south. Then watch this again, it will be that much funnier.

And that does it for this week’s Petro Colada. Be sure to let Gini know how much you loved the Petro Colada these last two weeks so I don’t get fired for renaming the series and using so many exclamation points it’s on the verge of exploding. Please and thank you!

Have a great long weekend! They’ll be no blog post on Monday due to President’s Day. If you need me, I’ll be out playing in the five feet of snow we got this week!!! WOOHOO!!!


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