Gin and TopicsWell, here we are.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Do you feel fine?

Will we survive past today?

My dear friend Abbie Fink posted about the inauguration on her Facebook wall.

I’ve stolen it because it’s exactly my sentiment (well, I asked her if I could post it here so I didn’t technically steal it):

Tomorrow is inauguration day. Friends will be watching, others refuse to. Some are marching, others are questioning the value in the march. Some are happy about who will be our 45th president, others are saddened by it. You’re writing letters, posting on social media and making phone calls. And that, to me, is what makes our country so great. These varying and different viewpoints and opinions. But, you know what will make us even greater…respect for each other. Respect our differences, respect that others have an opinion that is different than yours. I think differently than you. You think differently than me. And you don’t have to agree with my viewpoint, but just as you wish to be respected for your viewpoint, you should respect mine.

We will have a new president tomorrow. As I said on the morning after the election and it is still true, now is the time to get involved and stay involved with the issues that are important to you. If you’d don’t like the direction something is going, take a stand. Participate in the process, it is really the only way to make a difference.

The world isn’t going to end today.

Some of you are excited to see where our country is headed, and others, well…I know, I know.

The good news is we live in a country where we have the right to stand up for our beliefs.

So go do it!

And if you’re marching this weekend, please be careful!

In the meantime, I bring you Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kelly Dietrich, Eden Spodek, Rosemary O’Neill, and Ben Rome.

5. Pixar Easter Eggs. This is crazy! The sheer amount of planning and attention to detail that goes into each movie, and now you add the Easter eggs on top? I’ve often wondered how they do it. They must have some significant software.

4. A NFL Player Sparring War. When you watch a football game, you always assume the players and the refs are fighting. Not so with Julian Edelman in Saturday’s game. He says, “I know I get so defensive, my therapist yells at me for that!” Ah, you’re so cute, Julian!

3. Los Pollos Hermanos—Taste the Family! Two winters ago, I spent a good two weeks on the trainer, binge watching Breaking Bad. Because it had my full and undivided attention, as I slogged through another indoor ride, I can pretty much tell you everything about it. That’s why this Los Pollos Hermanos commercial is so great. It was the scene for many a drug deal. Many a drug deal.

2. Broadway Riff-Off with Neil Patrick Harris. Is anyone watching A Series of Unfortunate Events? NPH stars in it and it’s fantastic! (Again, stuck on the trainer.) If you loved him as Doogie Howser and then as Barney, you will also love him in this. Even more, you’ll love him doing a Broadway rip-off with James Corden.

1. Karaoke Night with The Muppets. I’m super sad they canceled the new Muppets show. This is a great reminder of how fun it was. I guess not fun enough, but this clip is fun.

Have a great weekend!

And, don’t forget, if you see a video and would like it to be considered for inclusion in Gin and Topics, send it to me!

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