Gin and TopicsI think we can all agree I love the snow.

Love. The. Snow.

People get frustrated with me because of my snow dance.

If we could have five feet of snow on the ground for the entire winter, I would be happy.


It has snowed every day this week—and it’s freaking April.

I know many of you will agree with me. It seems like the east coast just keeps getting pummeled.

The Cubs home opener is on Monday and they’re considering postponing it because it’s going to be 25 degrees and, you guessed it, SNOWING.

This is lame.

You know when I think it’s lame, the rest of you must be beside yourselves.

I’m sorry.

The good news is there is a video of a baby organutan getting a bath in today’s Gin and Topics and it will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

So let’s get to it, then.

This Week’s Gin and Topics…

Videos are courtesy of Roger Friedensen, Susan Cellura, Alina KellyKelly Dietrich, and yours truly.

5. Mueller vs. Trump. Oh nooooooooooo. Someone went and ruined my beloved Iron Man. I will never watch it the same again.

4. Kindergarten Weather Report. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen (well, I don’t know…that organutan below is pretty cute). A six-year-old does the weather forecast, brought to you by the letter C and Pokemon cards. I may have snorted at the spring break section. Hilarious!

3. Only in Canada A poor little porcupine is stuck in the snow. This nice lady rolled him over and made a him a little path to get back to his house. I love that it happened in Canada and that this woman sounds like Lindsay Bell-Wheeler. It’s definitely a Maritimer accent!

2. Baby Organutan Gets a Bath. For two reasons: 1) baby organutan; and 2) baby organutan getting a bath! If this doesn’t make your day, your heart is clearly black. I want to take this baby orangutan home with me. We’ll go to Dairy Queen and get ice cream cones and walk down the street holding hands. It will be amazing.

1. The Lipstick Queen. You have to be patient with this one. Trust me…get to the end. In the meantime, enjoy a crazy obsessed woman and her multiple lipstick applications. Keep watching. It’s worth it.

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