Gin and Topics

Because we are a virtual organization, we do a daily checkin each morning.

This is to give everyone on the team a look at one another’s meeting schedule for the day (so we know when we can text/Slack/Voxer and expect a response) and also priorities.

On Wednesday, having just seen the GEICO Hump Day commercial during the Super Bowl, I checked in with, “Does anyone know what day it is? Someone say it! Anyone?”

No one played along. They don’t think I’m as funny as I think I am.

So I ask you, dear reader/viewer, should I just fire them all and hire people who will at least play along?

Pretend I’m funny because I’m the one who signs their paychecks?

Let’s take a poll and I’ll go with majority. Leave your vote in the comments below.

And then you may watch Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Paula Kiger, Heather Feimster, Kate Nolan, Amy Bailey, and Kelly Dietrich.

5. Selling Girl Scout Cookies. Man, I remember when girl scouts just went door-to-door to sell you your Thin Mints for the year. Now little girls are rapping to Cardi B to get you to buy. And it works. At least on me.

4. Frozen Pants. The Polar Vortex provided such great entertainment last week, such as frozen pants. This one totally sticks the landing.

3. Lily Tomlin Explains Why She Turned Down Coming Out on Time Magazine. These 80-year-old women are AMAZING! Amazing. The story they tell about Dolly Parton typing is hysterical. And then Lily Tomlin’s response when Ellen asks her how Time Magazine knew she was gay is priceless.

2. Seth and Ina Garten Go Day Drinking. Oh my gosh. This is a freaking riot! I think my favorite part is when they’re in the kitchen making cocktails and Seth is trying to talk.The chef-pressions were also pretty great. H-I-larious! The best nine minutes you will ever spend.

1. Truce. As it turns out, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have called a truce. To honor the truce, they each made a commercial for the other’s beverage company. See which ad you like the best. Also, Hugh Jackman. Mmmmm….

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Have a great weekend!

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