Gin and TopicsSo…uh…I forgot about Gin and Topics this week.

I didn’t forget, forget. I started it at 5:00 this morning and then I got distracted with some video editing. And then I had a morning of meetings. I realized at 11:47 (it publishes at 12:00) that I never finished it.

So I’m rushing through this—and there are some great videos this week that can stand on their own merit.

(Though The Onion review of Mamma Mia is my dream job. I wish I could work for them, but I’m not nearly witty enough.)

And don’t worry. The Mandy Moore interview doesn’t give anything away.

They are all for your viewing pleasure.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

This week’s videos are courtesy of Betsy Decillis, Tom Finnigan, Amy Bailey, and yours truly.

5. The Onion Reviews Mama Mia. This is not safe for work (language), but it’s the best movie review I’ve ever seen. I know for sure I will not complain about the terrible singing in the sequel. I’ll just enjoy this fine piece of pop culture. When Betsy submitted the video for consideration, she said, “Finally, someone made a video about Greg Brooks watching Mamma Mia.” If you know Greg, this will be doubly funny.

4. Shower Curtain for Electronics. This is how you know we’ve gone too far. If you can’t take a shower without Netflix or email or, heaven forbid, FaceTime, I just…wow. It’s five minutes, people. Ten minutes, tops.

3. The Best Way to Deal with a Scam. Have you ever wanted to respond to a scam email and have a little fun with the sender? In another life (where I had oodles of time), it’s totally something I would do. This guy is my hero—and the fact that he used it for his stand-up comedy bit makes him even more likable.

2. Getting Your Bag in the Overhead Bin. It’s a real challenge to get your bag in the overhead bin on a plane. Especially when they’re made for carry-on suitcases. This poor guy may just have to have his checked.

1. Mandy Moore Knows the End of “This Is Us.” I mean, she doesn’t tell us what it is, but it’s clear she knows what’s going to happen. Also, her dress is to die for. I must find it on Rent the Runway…stat.

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