I keep thinking the best Gin and Topics has been done and then someone sends me a video that is so hilarious, I get to outdo myself. Again.

Until last week, the very best issue was Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon dancing and singing about tight pants (cough, hipsters, cough).

And then last week Richard Simmons on Whose Line is it Anyway? and Canadian Dance Moves hit it out of the park again.

But I think we have another homerun today. I’m telling you. When Lindsay Bell sent me “Catch the Ice Dude” this morning, I had actual tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

Plus we have Steve Martin, First World Problems, Every College Fan, and Bodyform. It’s a pretty great day!

You’re about to lose 10 minutes of your day. It’ll be worth it.

5. Every Fan of College Football. I don’t think when Ces Guerra sent this to me, he realized I was going to include it here, but it’s super funny! It’s one guy who acts out every fan of every college football team in the country. And it’s pretty darn accurate. See if you agree.

4.  First World Problems. One of my very favorite phrases to use when people complain is, “First world problems.” For instance, if I complain about the cleaning lady always putting the dishes in the wrong cupboards, I would expect you to say, “First world problems.” Well, it turns out Michael Schechter and I aren’t the only ones who think that’s hilarious because a video has been made about it. And it’s hilarious.

3. Steve Martin, Home Crafts Expert. My mom sent this to me last weekend. It was included in one of her craft newsletters and, I have to say, it’s the most brilliant campaign ad I’ve ever seen. In fact, I had no idea it was a campaign ad and you’ll see why. Watch Steve Martin teach you how to make a wad of paper without having to “root around in a fancy office dumpster to find one.”

2. Bodyform Responds: The Truth. I think at least 20 people sent this to me, but Antonia Harler gets the credit because she was first. It’s pretty freaking great, if only because if you spend any time online, you’ve totally wanted to do this. It’s a two-parter. You want to watch this first (link here):

Now the brilliance. The response from the company. Pay close attention to the glass of water she pours in the beginning. It’s my favorite part.

1. Catch the Ice Dude. I’m telling you. Tears. It’s all in German so you won’t understand what they’re saying (except when he uses the F word to describe what he’s about to do), but it doesn’t matter. The international sign for laughing at your friends is the same no matter which language.



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