Gin and TopicsI have been looking forward to this Gin and Topics since last weekend.

You see, I found a video on Heidi Massey’s Facebook wall and I was mad I didn’t see it in time for last week.

And then Jennifer Lawrence had the glorious trip at the Oscars that endeared her to all of us.

And then Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon.

And then I saw a parasite that eats the tongues of fishes.

And I didn’t want to wait until today to share them all! But I was patient and held them all in a draft post until it was time.

Before we begin, I’d like to thank Heidi, Patti Knight, and Mr. D for their help in pulling together this week’s best videos ever.

And now…it’s Gin and Topics time!

5. President Obama Sends Kid President a Message. The message is pretty funny (and super cool!), but the outtakes are even better. I love how he asks his editor to make it look like his head is exploding. This kid has some serious charisma. I won’t be surprised if we someday see him run for office. I know, Dan Perez, most of this is scripted. But it’s still fantastic!

4. The Tongue-Eating Parasite. All I have to say about this is…THIS IS WHY I’M A VEGETARIAN! All you fish eaters might be eating a parasite. Ewwwwww!

3. Jennifer Lawrence Interviewed about Her Fall. A few weeks ago, I read an article about Jennifer Lawrence in Vanity Fair. She said things such as Woody Harrelson didn’t think anyone was more lazy than he is until he met her. Then she was quoted as saying she’s been media trained, but it “didn’t really stick.” Stuff that, as a big fan of her work and a communications professional, I really didn’t want to know. But I’ll admit these answers she gave right after she won the Oscar are pretty much great. I dare you not to like her after watching this.

2. How to Fail a Breathalyzer Test.  I don’t know which is more funny: How this guy fails or the cop laughing so hard he has to walk away.

1. Evolution of Mom Dancing. Michelle Obama is my hero for doing this! Seriously. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you sit, you have to admit this is downright charming. I’ll bet it embarrassed the crap out of her kids. And Jimmy Fallon looks like Tina Fey.

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