Gin and TopicsWe’re a week behind the Canadians, but the U.S. finally gets their long weekend!

Although, it was 37 degrees in Chicago on Thursday so I don’t know what our long weekend is going to bring us, weather-wise. Perhaps I’ll have to spend it reading and writing, instead of riding my bike a gazillion miles.

BBQs, pool parties, neighborhood corn hole, gardening…what are each of you up to?

When you need a break, you can check out Gin and Topics. This week’s videos are brought to you by Lara Wellman, Sean McGinnis, Kat Krieger, Mr. D., and Susan Cellura.

Happy Memorial Day!

5. The Perfect Night. I heart Sarah Silverman in all of her swear words and inappropriateness  This is supposed to be an anthem for the perfect night for single women, but us married women like this kind of night, as well. It IS the perfect night.

4. Conversations with My Two-Year-Old. This is hilarious! A man comes home from work and faces his two-year-old (played by another man) who tells him he’s not allowed to speak to the princess (her mom). For anyone who has ever dealt with a two-year-old, this will hit very close to home.

3. It’s Not About the Nail. This is funny because it is SO TRUE! Women don’t want men to fix things, even when the solution is staring them in the face and snagging their sweaters. Can’t you just listen?!

2. Baby Scores Goal. This toddler is at a soccer game and, while awards are given out, he keeps himself busy on the field kicking a ball. Watch what happens when he “scores” a goal.

1. Cat and the Vacuum. You can’t really have funny videos without a cat so here you go! This one tries to lick the air out of a vacuum cleaner and keeps getting its face sucked into the tube. Watch what happens when that happens and it fights back.

P.S. There will be no blog posts on Monday in honor of our holiday. See you on Tuesday!

Gini Dietrich

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