Gin and TopicsBy Gini Dietrich

Is it too early to start counting the number of Fridays until Christmas?


Alright. I’ll wait until after Labor Day, but know that I desperately want to do it now.

How about the snowmageddon heading toward the east coast? I AM SO JEALOUS!

I want to be part of it so badly, I actually considered flying to Baltimore and staying with Dallas Kincaid. And, for those of you who know Dallas, you know I’d have to be super desperate for that kind of snow to even consider it. Alas, I’ll be in balmy Chicago.

With that, I shall leave you with Gin and Topics. I hope those of you on the east coast enjoy your few minutes of entertainment from us while you’re stuck inside.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Carlos Cruz, Mr. D., Eden Spodek, Lubna Sadik, and yours truly.

5. Star Wars Undercover Boss. Oh, man! This Undercover Boss is the best I have ever seen! There is family loss. There is redemption. There is emotion. You will love Kylo Ren going undercover to work with his employees.

Kyle Ren goes undercover in Undercover Boss and it's magicalClick To Tweet

4. Massive Blizzard to Hit Maryland. My boyfriend Frankie McDonald is back! He has some great advice for staying warm, “Have your furnaces ready and turn on the furnaces to keep the house warm. Drink lots of green tea, white tea, red tea and drink lots of green tea to keep you warm.” But that’s not all. He has driving, walking, eating, and shopping advice, too. Yay, Frankie!

Frankie McDonald says to have your cell phones charged and be ready for the massive blizzard!Click To Tweet

3. Actors Channel Their Inner Clueless. Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogen, and Paul Dano channel their inner Cher Horowitz with these incredible “Clueless” impressions. It’s kind of awesome to hear them say “like” every, other word. It drives me crazy when normal human beings do it, but these guys make it H-I-larious!

'Like you should totally like RSVP because like that's what it means'—actors channeling CluelessClick To Tweet

2. I’m 40. I know some of you really hate The Holderness Family, but I love them. Granted, this isn’t one of their best, but it’s still pretty cute. And, in fairness, they’re not going out at 5:30 because they’re 40. They’re going out at 5:30 because they don’t want to pay the sitter to watch TV while the kids sleep! But the rest of it? All the yes.

For those of you who are 40 or older, you'll appreciate this. For those of you not, watch out!Click To Tweet

1. Stephen Colbert Endorses Candidates Sarah Palin Style. Look, I don’t talk politics here because I believe it’s one of the few things you don’t talk about in public (and certainly not on a PR and marketing blog). But I think we can all agree—no matter which side of the aisle you are on—that Sarah Palin is a mess. And she makes for great comedy. So enjoy Stephen Colbert as he endorses the presidential candidates in her style.

For all that hopey-changey stuff, watch Stephen Colbert endorse candidates a la Sarah PalinClick To Tweet

Have a great—snowy—weekend!

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