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Well, here we are. There are no Fridays left before Christmas. We have less than a week. I kind of can’t believe it. It does not feel like Christmas.

Laura Petrolino was here this week for client meetings and she said, “Boy, the city lights sure are pretty, but it does not feel like Christmas.”

I thought maybe it’s because it’s been so warm, but she had a good point in that she lived in Florida for six years.

Perhaps it’ll feel differently next week when I AM OFF OF WORK FOR TWO WEEKS!

That’s right. As of December 21, I am on vacation. Woo hoo!!

I’m really excited to bring you this week’s Gin and Topics. Not only is it the last of the year (so sad), it’s hilarious. You’ll really enjoy this one.

The videos are courtesy of Corina Manea, Lubna Sadik, Kyle Ackerman, Kevin Vandever, and yours truly.

5. Instagram Husband. If you’ve not yet seen this, hurry along and watch it! I love the story behind it. When AdWeek covered it, he was up to 2.5 million views. Now it’s more than four million. That’s crazy! But it has really resonated, particularly among those who love the Instagram.

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4. Will Ferrell is the New Santa Claus. Will Ferrell as Santa looks like a blond Howie Goldfarb! He’s new and hip and quite a riot. He no longer uses reindeer…gift delivery is up to the drones. This is a little painful to watch. I think I prefer my traditional Santa.

The Santa we grew up with is old and lame. He's like someone's Grandpa. Here is the new Santa ClausClick To Tweet

3. Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and the Star Wars Cast. Oh my gosh! The Star Wars cast sings the Star Wars medley and they even got Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. This is FANTASTIC!

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2. Billy On the Street. It’s a Will Ferrell holiday edition! There are two things I love about this video (other than him yelling at New Yorkers): The guy who runs away from them, but then runs back to give the answer and runs away again; and the guy who argues with them about the hay not being of the original manger hay that baby Jesus laid on.

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1. Edeka Christmas Clip. There has been a lot of controversy around this holiday video. I can see why some think it’s manipulative and awful, but it made me bawl my eyes out. And then I immediately texted my mom to say how sorry I am we won’t be there for the holidays. See what you think.

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Happy, happy holidays, everyone! Gin and Topics will be back in 2016.

Gini Dietrich

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