I don’t know where you live, but March came in like a lamb in Chicago. Which is scary to me because, when the rest of the country has spring at the end of March, we’ll be in some sort of deep freeze which will keep me from being outside on my bike!

Don’t you keep me from my bike, Mother Nature! You already kept me from skiing in February!

Think she’s listening?

My Facebook status today is: The good news is Charlie Sheen was not on The Today Show today. The bad news? Latoya Jackson was.

I think all the crazies are out this week! And he who will only be named once in this entire blog post hits #5 on Gin and Topics today.

5. Two and a Half Minutes with Charlie Sheen. I really don’t want to give you know who anymore coverage, but this is just brilliant! My friend Christina Pappas works for ZMags and they created this electronic publication of all the crazy things he’s said this week. It’s really, really funny!

4. Do PR People Have to Like the Food? I really hate to give this New York Times blogger anymore awareness, but like you know who above, you can’t help but watch the train wreck. He dissects a comment left on last week’s blog post, word-by-word, and it turns out it makes him look like a complete tool without any help from anyone else.

3. Why Not Reading Fiction May Hurt Your Blog. One of the questions we ask when we interview candidates is, “What are you reading right now?” And we are looking for more than just the paper and some blogs. We want to see some fiction in there because it helps your creative thinking. Joey Strawn gives many more great reasons not reading fiction may be hurting your writing.

2. Ten Ways to Find Out If Your Idea Is Actually Brilliant. Last weekend Troy Claus said to me, “You know what I hate? When a good idea never sees the light of day.” Well Troy, this is for you! Ten things to consider about your next great idea before you pursue it. Maybe it’s not such a great idea after all!

1. Skip Bathroom Breaks to Make Better Decisions. Yes, seriously. A new study found that leaders make smarter, and better, decisions when they have a full bladder. I don’t know about you, but when I have to go, it’s all I can think about. But maybe I’m not the norm.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks, as always, to Jennifer Hallowes for the awesome photo!

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