If you’re in the PR industry, you’ve certainly already heard about Facebook hiring Burson Marsteller to create a smear campaign against Google. But this is an important story to follow for everyone in the business world.

The gist of it is…earlier this week, USA Today reported that former CNBC tech reporter, Jim Goldman, was caught spreading lies about Google on behalf of an unnamed client.

Speculation grew and people assumed the client was Microsoft or Apple.

Well, it came out yesterday the client was, in fact, Facebook.

I’m not sure how that conversation goes when Facebook calls BM, but it’s something I’m thinking a lot about and will write about it next week. After all, Spin Sucks.

In the meantime, today’s Gin and Topics focuses on this issue. I encourage you to read the stories so you’re educated on what can go on when the tail wags the dog.

5. BUSTED. This was the first story I read when it was reported two former high-profile reporters were working at BM on behalf of an unnamed client to spread lies about Google.

4. Emails Released. This is a copy and paste of the email exchange between the blogger who asked the right questions and Jim Goldman.

3. It Was Facebook. And then Business Insider released an update. It was not Microsoft or Apple. It was Facebook.

2. Facebook Busted. Another story, but more in-depth, about why Facebook is striking out at Google and what it means for the three companies involved.

1. Smear Tactics: Great for BBQ, But PR? Not So Much. Matt LaCasse writes a guest post for Shonali Burke on this issue. He makes a great point, as it relates to sports, of how the foul is always called not on the initial offender, but on the person who strikes back.

Look for comments about this here next week. I’m still trying to figure out how that conversation goes and what amount of money makes you decide it’s worth the risk. I just don’t understand it.

Gini Dietrich

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