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The other day, I walked Jack Bauer and I thought, “Wow. It’s nice out here.”

It was 17 degrees.

There is something wrong in the world when 17 degrees feels warm. I even saw a guy running in shorts!

Not that I mind. I love winter and am more than happy to have all the cold and snow we’ve had this year.

I just thought it was a strange mindset.

In other news: I hope you’re all getting ready for the big holiday on Monday (it’s my birthday).

Someday, when I rule the world, you’ll all get to have February 10 off of work.

Remember that when it’s time to help me bypass Google.

Time off of work! That’s my campaign promise!

While you’re thinking about what to get me for my birthday (this or this), I’ll give you a gift in this week’s Gin and Topics.

The videos are brought to you by Lindsay Bell, Clay Morgan, Julie Murphy, David Lewis, and yours truly.

5. An Honest Facebook Movie. You know how, earlier this week, Facebook celebrated their birthday by giving us all videos of our time on the social network? Well, the guys who did the Real Life Conference Call video are back with a video that is more true to real life. “Like us on Facebook. It’s a great place to read our tweets for a second time.” LOL!

4. Grover Does the Old Spice Commercial. I love anything with The Muppets or Sesame Street so this video got my instant attention. But the content made it extra special. If you know the Old Spice commercial, you’ll love this.

3. Cat Battles Mailman. Clearly this cat has daily battles with the mailman because he knew to turn on his camera as he approached the house. Watching him try to put the mail in the slot while the cat fights him from the other side of the door is laugh out loud funny.

2. I’ve Been Everywhere (in Arkansas). Spin Sucks reader, David Lewis, is extremely talented (Chuck Kent may have some competition!). He wrote, sang, and produced this music video about all the cities he’s been to in Arkansas. Trust me, it’s fantastic. And you’ll have it stuck in your head all day.

1. Luge. In honor of the Olympics beginning, The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion produced this video in response to Russia saying they wouldn’t allow gay athletes at the Games this year.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Gini Dietrich

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