Blog written by Molli Megasko

When I was little I was told to “never believe anything you read.”  I always I found the tabloids at the grocery stores to be simply fascinating!  Then it would backfire and I would come home terrified that I was going to have an alien baby one day.

Now, thanks to Ashton Kutcher’s new television-vision, I don’t trust anyone.  From Punked to Pop Fiction, either way it’s a joke.

This eight-episode series is out to get the media this time.  With help from A-list celebs, like Paris Hilton, this show is making a statement about — yup, you’ve got it — spin. 

He’s not only calling out the tabloids and paparazzi, he is pointing fingers at traditional media and bloggers too.  And for that I’m going to give Ashton a big “Woo Hoo!”

Moral of the story?  Get your facts right and don’t jump to conclusions.  Social media and traditional media alike have an opportunity to actually learn from this 70’s star.  Who would have guessed?