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Join Chuck Hemann for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

By: Gini Dietrich | July 24, 2013 | 

Join Chuck Hemann for a Special Livefyre Q&A TodayBy Gini Dietrich

Once upon a time, in a far away land, I met Chuck Hemann. At the time, he was thinking about moving to Chicago to work for Edelman and he had lots of questions (yes, it gets really cold for several months).

He made it six months (he clearly didn’t listen to me) and then the winter got to him and he went back to his beloved Texas, got a fancy new job, found himself a co-author, and wrote a book.

Digital Marketing Analytics, which he co-authored with Ken Burbary, is probably one of the (if not the) smartest books on how to use data and metrics to improve your marketing campaigns.

Not a stranger to analytics, Chuck has spent nearly four years deciphering and making sense of the data we all have at our fingertips and putting it in terms we can all understand (yes, even you professionals who went into PR because you hate math).

The book will help you figure out what makes sense for your organization or your client’s organizations…and it’s written in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Today’s Livefyre Q&A

At noon ET (that’s 11:00 CT, 10:00 MT, and 9:00 PT for those of you who can’t do time zones), Chuck is going to be hanging out in the comments so you can ask him anything and everything about the book, how his trip to London and Edinburgh was earlier this month, what cool things he saw at The Open Championship, what he’s learned from being on Weight Watchers, what it’s like to share a publisher with me, why he always wears Argyle, or whether or not he has any affiliation with Argyle Social.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have a Livefyre account or be ready to sign in with one of your social networks.
  • Set a reminder for noon ET today.
  • Order the book so you can help Chuck and Ken out, but also get your learn on.
  • Create a list of questions.
  • Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” Chuck will see it and reply to you. You can even join the conversation around questions others are asking, if you like.

We’ll be here for an hour so you can join us the entire time or step in and out during the hour. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you’re here before 12:59.

Win a Copy

Those of you who participate in today’s Livefyre Q&A (even if you’re late to the party, but not if you’re an Arment Dietrich employee) will be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of the book.

We bought two copies and will give them away, but you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise we won’t know you were here.

Get ready with your questions and join the conversation. And don’t fear! If you missed the live portion of this, we’ll keep the drawing open until midnight PT so you still have time to get in your questions.

Former Guests and Who’s Next

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And following is the lineup through the end of the year so mark your calendars!

Same bat time, same bat channel.

See you today at noon!

P.S. And don’t forget…we have DJ Waldow doing a webinar on email marketing tomorrow! Register for free here.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Ah, Gini, you would have to pick a day when I’m going to be on a plane! I’ll have to check in later on tonight from beautiful downtown Omaha to see what I missed.

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          DebraCaplick ginidietrich sorry to have missed you, Debra.

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    Im glad Gini is taking time out of her busy planning week to be here. Should be fun.

    • chemann1 Let’s be real…you wish I wasn’t!

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        ginidietrich chemann1 I was trying to be nice at least to start the chat.

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  • Why did you choose Scott Monty to write the forward?

    • ginidietrich Interesting.

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich good question. We wanted to have someone who had brand side experience to offer his perspective on the importance of analytics. That, plus the book is written for people like him. Not analytics junkies like me.

      • chemann1 I’m an analytics junky and I got LOTS from the book. So I don’t totally agree…but do agree your audience is larger.

        • chemann1

          ginidietrich chemann1 glad to hear that. I was hoping we could straddle the line and be helpful for people who aren’t total novices.

  • I’m going to jump right into the meat of things: Are organizations so overwhelmed and bowled over by the volumes of ‘big data’ that they end up missing the important information??

    • chemann1

      belllindsay Can I answer this in multiple comments? First of all, most data isn’t big at all. Lets just get that out of the way.

      • chemann1

        belllindsay Second, yes, the problem is that most companies don’t have a big analytics team. For some perspective, W2O Group (the agency I work for) has 70 analytics across 5 offices. That’s usually about 69 people bigger than most companies.

        • chemann1 belllindsay Heck, for some companies, that’s 70 more!

  • Hi Chuck! First of all, I cannot wait to read your book! Here’s my Q: Where’s a good place to start for an organization that is just beginning to dig into data? Just the thought of it can seem overwhelming …

    • KateFinley Ok, you must have a camera in my office b/c that was my question!

      • yvettepistorio KateFinley Do you have it written on your wall, Yvette?

    • chemann1

      KateFinley Hi Kate – Looking forward to hearing your feedback and thanks for the question. I actually wrote a post about this just recently.

      • chemann1 KateFinley Fabulous! Thanks, Chuck.

  • Do you consider your book a reusable resource for newbies as well as mid-level experts on this topic?

    • chemann1

      Soulati | Hybrid PR Yes. That’s our hope. We didn’t want to make it so advanced that the front line comms practitioner would have no idea what we were talking about, but did give some meat to that crowd in the middle and toward the end of the book.

      • chemann1 Soulati | Hybrid PR K, thanks. That’s all I need. Buying now. 🙂

  • Wow, I’m excited to read this book.  Chuck, was it really three years of analysis? And why did you write this book?  What moved you?

    • chemann1

      DwayneAlicie Thanks, Dwayne. I’ve been doing media research for closing in on 10 years, but purely digital/social for the last 4-5. This book is a collection of that experience with the F1000. And what moved us was the need to have a book that practitioners could actually use. Search on Amazon for analytics, and you’ll be overwhelmed by web analytics books that dont help most of you out there.

      • chemann1 DwayneAlicie Brilliant — even more pumped to read it now! There is definitely a need for on-the-ground information that laypeople (LOL) can use. Especially small business owners who want to knock it out of the park but maybe can’t afford staff or consultants yet.

  • OMGosh; how can he answer all these questions? Wait, Chuck, don’t answer that!

    • Soulati | Hybrid PR Please…this is nothing. You wait.

    • chemann1

      Soulati | Hybrid PR im a fast typer 🙂

  • Wait a second……what do you mean “data isn’t big”..??? Can you expand on that point chemann1 ??

    • chemann1

      belllindsay chemann1 if I’m analyzing conversations about a brand and say they have a few hundred thousand posts about them in a year. A tool like R6 (or others) can handle that volume. Working for a company like Red Bull, for example, where there are 200 million? Not possible for a tool like that to handle

  • 311laura

    Am new to a digital marketing role for a nonprofit. Any tips on quick wins or areas to focus on first?

    • chemann1

      311laura Yes, just shared this link below, but wrote about this recently for our blog –

      • 311laura

        chemann1 thank you 🙂

        • chemann1

          311laura chemann1 no problem. happy to help.

  • Data is something I struggle with so very, very excited to read your book. 
    Q: So I’ve read to measure engagement on Twitter, you add up replies, retweets, and mentions then divide by followers (there’s a similar formula for Facebook too), so just wondering what you think of these types of equations? It seems generic to me…

    • chemann1

      yvettepistorio that’s a pretty fair way to do it, though replies are a dicey subject. hard to really understand true reach for a reply.

      • chemann1This is probably a dumb question, but what do you do with that final number? What does it mean?

        • chemann1

          yvettepistorio chemann1 just a KPI. 🙂

  • Something I’ve seen you rail against in the past is the irrational fear that many organizations have with measurement — plus the deluge of data points available to marketers. 
    How do you coach organizations to focus their analytics efforts on KPIs, rather than just piling on more and more data points, hoping that they’ll suddenly stumble across some important insight.

    • jasonkonopinski I think that begs the question — can anyone interpret data? Or, do they need some history/background/expertise. I mean, who can ‘stumble’ across data if they don’t know what they want to interpret?

      • chemann1

        Soulati | Hybrid PR jasonkonopinski a question I get a lot, actually. Most of the time our analysts come from traditional market research looking for a change, or they are digital analytics natives. Fewer of the latter, obviously.

        • chemann1 Soulati | Hybrid PR jasonkonopinski Kinda thought so. I also bet the analysts don’t want the PR peeps anywhere near the data (or anyone else without THAT expertise). 
          When you’re a smaller business, however, everyone kinda has to dive in for the interpretation.

    • chemann1

      jasonkonopinski good question… I think most companies start out wanting to listen to everything about them online. Very hard for some of the largest companies in the world. Instead, it’s much easier to focus on the 2-3 topics they care most about and start from there.

  • lbatzer

    Chuck , this may be a question answered in your book (I need to read it), but are there some data that one should pay more attention to than other?  I can’t believe everything is equal.

    • chemann1

      lbatzer no, everything is not equal. we do talk about metrics a little in the book. there’s no holy grail metric. it’s entirely dependent on what your biz is trying to achieve.

  • It kind of makes me nuts when I speak and I ask the audience (typically business owners) how many of them look at their analytics. It’s very rare to have more than one or two people raise their hands. If a CEO is to look at the analytics weekly, what are the top three metrics you recommend they review?

    • lbatzer

      ginidietrich I wonder how much of this is because they don’t understand what they are looking at so most just don’t do it.

      • lbatzer It’s some of that, for sure. Others say they’re just not interested. To which I always exclaim, “Not interested?! This is your business we’re talking about!”

    • ginidietrich Yes. I’m blogging blind for a client right now. Start up. I don’t have access to any analytics and thus have no clue what’s appealing.

      • Soulati | Hybrid PR Shut. Up. I would be going nuts.

        • ginidietrich Soulati | Hybrid PR Yep. I am. Just dong the la-la-la bell.

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich most dont, sadly. though, that’s slowly starting to change. once you show them the window into how much they can learn about stakeholders, they jump on board.

  • Since I don’t have anything to add about data b/c I am sitting back and learning (see 95% of my other comments on SS), I’ll take the Weight Watchers bait! Having been on it so long that I can remember when we were required to eat liver once a week, it’s been fascinating to see how the program has evolved. (I’m a lifetime member now but not at goal weight (TMI)). Anyway, if it came up in Gini’s introduction, it seems like this must be a topic about which you have some “points” to share. 🙂

    • biggreenpen You were REQUIRED to eat liver once a week?!?! What. The. Heck.

      • ginidietrich biggreenpen YES! (Fortunately I like it.) I have put all of the other draconian stuff out of my head. I was chained to a little food scale that I used to weigh everything, though – that I remember!

        • biggreenpen Wow. I think I’ll stick to riding my bike.

        • ginidietrich biggreenpen I do not like liver. Not even my own!

        • DwayneAlicie ginidietrich biggreenpen Never (ever) has Weight Watchers advocated eating your OWN liver. Phew.

    • biggreenpen Uhmm, I think she just wants her name to get thrown in for the free book….eh, Foursquare Girl?

    • lbatzer

      biggreenpen I had to chuckle when I saw that in the post … I have been thinking about joining Weight Watchers.

    • chemann1

      biggreenpen Ha! Down 23 lbs to date on it. The program really works.

      • chemann1 biggreenpen I’ve been on (and off) it for years. 🙂 Only thing that works for me. #controlissues LOL

      • chemann1 biggreenpen Also CONGRATS Chuck!!!

      • chemann1 biggreenpen It does. They are tops (in my opinion) in research, in combining all of the elements (the science of nutrition & execise + the component of human behavior). I’m a believer.

  • Oh and another please … I know you cover tools in your book but what’s one of
    your go-to social media measurement tools? Do you have a tool you use
    to evaluate competition?

    • KateFinley OOOH. Thanks for this blog post on Evernote! Gonna hit that!

      • Soulati | Hybrid PR For sure! It was fun to put together … I heart Evernote!

      • Soulati | Hybrid PR P.S. I love that your handle says hybrid PR!

        • KateFinley Soulati | Hybrid PR Just noticed the Evernote … 
          Now to see if I can keep up with the Q&A

    • chemann1

      KateFinley No tool. Just a simple approach we use internally. Google Trends is a fantastic, and quick tool to understand search behaviors.

  • I’m not a numbers person, chemann1 . I despise and abhor analytics and data (though I think it’s amazing once someone breaks it down for me!). Is there room for people like me in this new world?

    • chemann1

      belllindsay chemann1 yes, Lindsay… and I’m not trying to be harsh here, but there’s really no choice for PR or marketing folks alike.

      • chemann1 You mean, I can’t scoot under the radar with my “I’m a content person” credentials…..?

        • belllindsay Not when you see the role profile I just wrote for you. chemann1

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1 no. sorry. what we’re more likely to see soon is a blending of the community/content/analytics roles into a hybrid person.

        • ginidietrich belllindsay chemann1 **gulp**

        • But analytics and data love you, belllindsay … and that’s an interesting insight about the hybrid role, chemann1. ginidietrich

      • chemann1 belllindsay Thank you, Chuck! Bane of my existence, she is.

  • Some measurement tools can be pretty expensive, but is there a tool that is worth the money? And what about one that is the best bang for your buck?

    • chemann1

      yvettepistorio it depends on what you are trying to do, really. We are big fans of Marketwired’s Sysomos tool over here.

      • chemann1 I had a feeling you were going to say that!!

        • chemann1

          yvettepistorio chemann1 The best part about being an analytics pro? I can answer “it depends” to almost anything 😉

        • chemann1 Hahahaha!!!

      • chemann1 yvettepistorio Sysomos?? Really?? I assumed you were a Radian6/Salesforce guy!

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1 yvettepistorio tool agnostic, generally… but we use both heavily.

        • chemann1 yvettepistorio “Tool agnostic” – love it! LOL

        • chemann1 belllindsay I’ve used Radian6 before – it was great for monitoring, but once I got into the analytics, I was out of my element…

  • I’ve heard lots of people say they keep your book on their desk as a reference (I do, for sure). Why do you think that is?

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich personally, I love hearing that. it’s probably because it is written in digestible chunks for the person who is primarily responsible for comms or marketing at a F1000 company. It’s also meant to be read beginning to end, but can also be broken up into sections if need be.

  • What do think is he most pertinent data I can share with administrators? I manage FB and Twitter for a small college.

    • chemann1

      Word Ninja engagement over reach, I’d say… Focus on engagement rates, not how much of it is occurring.

      • chemann1 Word Ninja How about the quality of that engagement, too? Like what’s being said?

        • Soulati | Hybrid PR chemann1 Sometimes hard to determine quality. Once in a while we discover a person has actually enrolled after engagement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a direct result of the engagement.

      • chemann1 Great, I have stressed engagement to them. Thanks!

        • Word Ninja chemann1 I couldn’t agree more.

        • chemann1

          belllindsay Word Ninja chemann1 yeah, quality engagement is key… but that takes a deeper level of analysis

    • bobledrew

      Word Ninja I believe that often if you have a tight enough handle on your organization’s goals, the measurements will suggest themselves to you.

      • chemann1

        bobledrew Word Ninja indeed

  • Hey, Chuck…just took a gander at the blog post you’re sharing. Have you heard the skinny on Google Alerts’ demise? True? I see you’re advocating some other Google tools in your infographic. I want to know a plan B if Google puts Alerts on the wayside.

    • chemann1

      Soulati | Hybrid PR hmm, that’s interesting. hadn’t heard that. Will have to give that a think. #stumped.

    • Soulati | Hybrid PR And the same for the Keyword Tool.

      • ginidietrich Soulati | Hybrid PR **cries**

        • lbatzer

          belllindsay I second that sentiment for Google Alerts!

    • Soulati | Hybrid PR I really love the Talkwalker Alerts. MUCH more efficient and more powerful than Google.

      • ginidietrich Soulati | Hybrid PR LOVE TalkWalker!! I will DIE when Google Keyword shuffles off this mortal coil.

      • ginidietrich Soulati | Hybrid PR OK! Checking it out. Thanks, Girlies.

      • lbatzer

        ginidietrich Soulati | Hybrid PR I looked into Talkwalker earlier this year the first time I hear (through your blog post) that Google Alerts might be going away.  While it gave me more articles/results, the quality wasn’t there.  It could be my search words, but most of the time it Talkwalker’s results weren’t right.  Where as Google Alerts gives me what I need.

        • lbatzer Soulati | Hybrid PR Weird. I get much better results from them than I did with Google.

    • CommProSuzi

      Soulati | Hybrid PR Say it ain’t so!

  • So a slightly off-beat analytics question: I’ve been fascinated by the “Quantified Self” movement, incorporating technology into data acquisition. Products like Nike FuelBand, the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP are giving us really interesting data about our activity patterns, sleep cycles, etc.
    Do you think the popularity of these products suggests that we’re becoming more comfortable with data collection and analytics in general, outside of business?

    • jasonkonopinski One would think you’d be cursing the name of the Jawbone UP.

    • chemann1

      jasonkonopinski wow. really good question. no, I dont think so… people dont view those devices as a data collection vehicle for the companies. they view them as a cool device to wear to track physical activity. 
      that said, im generally nauseated by the data privacy nuts. it’s an open platform. it’s free. if you dont want a company collecting your data, delete your profile. oh, and while you’re at it, delete your email and any sign you’ve existed on this planet.

      • chemann1 jasonkonopinski That’s precisely what I say when I get pushback on where this is all going. Oh, you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing? Better delete EVERYTHING you do online. Emails, web searches, everything.

      • bobledrew

        chemann1 jasonkonopinski I don’t think people make the leap from data collection by Fitbit, etc to data collection for business purposes.

        • bobledrew chemann1 ginidietrich Aye – but I love that through products like the activity bands, we’re all becoming data nerds in our ways. 🙂

        • jasonkonopinski bobledrew chemann1 ginidietrich Even ME! My new replacement UP arrived today! Wheeeee!!

      • chemann1 jasonkonopinski “im generally nauseated by the data privacy nuts.” – ME TOO! They drive me bonkers. Helloooo, people, you’re ON THE INTERNET!!

  • bobledrew

    Really looking forward to reading this book (either by winning it or buying it), and wondering if you can address either or both of these questions / issues: 
    1. How do you respond to organizations that say “we don’t have the staff / resources to do analytics?” 
    2. It’s my opinion that one of the most frequent mistakes made by organizations is to not LEARN from their analytics – to stop at “whee, look at our bar charts” and not take action based on what the numbers TELL them. Thoughts?

    • bobledrew Whee! LOL!

      • ginidietrich bobledrew Oh. I thought you were ‘whee’ing’ because Bob showed up. LOL

        • bobledrew

          belllindsay ginidietrich bobledrew Whee, Lindsay and Gini noticed me!

        • bobledrew belllindsay Bob who?

        • bobledrew

          ginidietrich fickle.

        • bobledrew ginidietrich I still heart you Bruce.

        • bobledrew

          belllindsay bobledrew ginidietrich Sob.

    • chemann1

      bobledrew good questions here. Most companies dont have the resources or staff. That’s true. However, there’s a good chance that someone exists in market research who could be reassigned because they are passionate about digital data. Also, the value that the person brings in being able to deliver insights on stakeholders outweighs the cost of the hire in my experience. 
      and couldn’t agree more re: #2. most analytics, sadly, looks in the rear view mirror.

      • CommProSuzi

        chemann1  OOH that’s good. Thrilled to read this response. (and the friendly banter, too.)
        I heard a gentleman with a really unique background (Scientist turned Communicator) speak. He made the point that  scientists are always looking for usable data upon which to act, or conversely NOT act.  He applied that to his communications career. Without info, we are acting blindly or pleasing an ego who is convinced he or she KNOWS her consumers. 
        The Far Side Example: The hunters who take down a mammoth with one tiny arrow: “We should write that spot down.”

  • chemann1

    You all are prolific question askers… my fingers are tired.

  • So, chemann1 – what’s with the argyle. 😉

    • chemann1

      belllindsay chemann1 ha! I wish I could say there’s a good story involved here. What happened was I bought an argyle sweater, wore it to work and a female colleague said it looked good on me. So, from there on I went nuts. What we dudes do for the ladies.

      • chemann1 belllindsay Same goes with the Pumas.

      • chemann1 I love how it’s become part of your “personal brand”, even if by accident. How much weight do you put on personal branding?

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1 im not a personal brand hater. it’s important. that said, my company always comes first.

        • bobledrew

          belllindsay chemann1 Why would you think Chuck’s personal branding would have caused him to put on weight? And that’s a little inappropriate, frankly.

        • bobledrew chemann1 BAHAHA!

      • chemann1 belllindsay If only we had realized how much power we have in high school.

        • chemann1

          ginidietrich chemann1 belllindsay the other thing, and it’s kinda sad I guess, is that now if I show up to a conference to speak and dont wear argyle the entire discussion turns into why im not wearing it.

        • chemann1 ginidietrich See my question above. 😉

  • bobledrew

    Question, related to Word Ninja ‘s excellent one. How do you feel about using experiments (say, an a/b test on an email campaign) to show the utility of data analysis to help organizations improve some aspect of what they’re doing?

    • bobledrew Show off.  Word Ninja

      • belllindsay bobledrew I was an only child. (except for the little brother)

    • chemann1

      bobledrew Word Ninja great idea. we’re just starting to explore this sort of a/b testing using social data.

    • bobledrew Word Ninja I *lurve* a/b testing.

      • bobledrew

        jasonkonopinski I feel like you’re the brother I never wanted.

        • bobledrew Thanks. I think? 😉

        • bobledrew jasonkonopinski He’s definitely the brother you’ve never wanted.

        • ginidietrich bobledrew jasonkonopinski That *no-one* wanted.

      • jasonkonopinski bobledrew I should probably do some of that.

  • How do you convince executives they should be concerned with things OTHER than visitors to their websites?

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich I’ve actually given up this fight, surprising as it may sound. As an analytics pro my job is to recommend the right metrics to companies. If they care about followers, fine. I’ll show it. But I’m also going to show what else they should care about. whether they asked for it or not.

      • chemann1 That’s kind of like the fight I’ve given up about media impressions. You want them? Fine. But we’ll also show what else you should care about.

        • chemann1

          ginidietrich chemann1 Dont get me started on social impressions, particularly from Twitter.

      • bobledrew

        chemann1 ginidietrich So if you were  brought in to a management meeting, show the follower numbers, then start to get into real stuff, what would you do if the CEO shut you down? Stew about it, push the point, or just take the money and run? (not meant to be flippant)

        • chemann1

          bobledrew chemann1 ginidietrich it’s a fair point. I’d probably continue to show it and push the point. my job as a consultant is to demonstrate what should be done… whether it’s asked for or not.

        • chemann1

          bobledrew chemann1 ginidietrich to just deliver what the client asked for ONLY leaves you terribly vulnerable. at that point you aren’t a partner. you are a vendor. no thanks.

        • chemann1 bobledrew ginidietrich AMEN!!

        • belllindsay chemann1 bobledrew ginidietrich  I love this — shows that people around here really care about businesses’ success.

  • Um, Tom Martin wants to know, “Is it true he’s just been signed to a 5 year deal with Argyle Social Media as their spokesperson?”

    • ginidietrich HAHAHAHA!

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich ha! No kidding, I am asked once a week whether or not I am on the board of Argyle Social. The answer is no, I’m not. Though, Eric Boggs keeps perpetuating this rumor that I’m their controller. Not true.

      • chemann1 LOL!!! That makes me want to kiss Eric.

  • K, I feel like we’re all starting to get the giggles, so I’m going to bring it back to the beginning with this: Will ‘earned media’ ever eclipse paid and owned? Seriously.

    • chemann1

      belllindsay im not sure it hasn’t already. we talk internally about the PESO model – paid, earned, owned and shared. thoughts here –

      • chemann1 But surely it will never render the others obsolete?

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1 paid? or earned? they all have to play well together.

        • chemann1 Sorry, really not trying to flog a dead  horse, but do you think the day will come, with all the new tech/social platforms, etc., where *paid* media will become extinct..?

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1 no. for a lot of reasons. not the least of which is that the paid media measurement model is fairly well understood. not saying it isn’t flawed.

        • chemann1 Hmm. Comment got deleted – Do you  think, with all the new tech/social platforms etc., that *paid* media will ever become extinct? Not trying to flog a dead horse.

        • chemann1

          belllindsay chemann1no. for a lot of reasons. not the least of which is that the paid media measurement model is fairly well understood. not saying it isn’t flawed.

        • chemann1 belllindsay And shared!

  • You live in Austin, which is where the big SWSW takes place every year. What is the one thing you look forward to with everyone invading your town?

    • ginidietrich Leaving town…? 😉

      • chemann1

        belllindsay ginidietrich heh. It’s nice to have everyone here through Interactive, but as soon as music starts I get annoyed. I love having everyone here to network.

  • bobledrew

    Gotta go — this has been a really useful discussion. Thanks to chemann1  and to the AD team for putting this on. I trust you have the mailing address for my book… ;-o

    • bobledrew Should I send it to Pepe or Bruce?

    • chemann1

      bobledrew chemann1 thanks for the questions, bob.

    • bobledrew chemann1 Agree, great questions from everyone. Especially belllindsay ‘s about the connection between weight gain and personal branding.

      • Word Ninja bobledrew chemann1 That’s MY excuse and I’m sticking to it!

  • There are a ton of blogs out there on measurement/analytics/data/etc. – what blogs would you recommend for either a novice or seasoned marketing pro? (Besides your own of course!)

    • chemann1

      yvettepistorio haha. I was going to recommend our WCG blog… that’s where I spend most of my time. I would check out Don Bartholomew’s blog. It’s great.

  • One of the books most recommended (before yours was written) is Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. What does your book offer that’s different than Kaushik’s?

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich his book focuses mostly on web and search. our book is comprehensive of search, social, broader digital, mobile, etc. one of the reasons we wanted to write the book is to focus on something other than WEB. that horse is beaten to death completely.

  • So what IS it like to share a publisher with Gini???

    • chemann1

      yvettepistorio man… the horror stories about how she treated the publisher. sheesh. scary stuff 😉

  • What’s (your co-author) Ken really like….? 😉

    • chemann1

      belllindsay honestly, couldn’t have written the book without him. he comes more from the paid media/broader digital side. the book was going to be entirely social, but we were asked to expand the scope… He added a TON to this book.

      • chemann1 I like Ken a lot. Have followed him for years. Smart guy.

  • You started this book before your Edelman gig and then put it on hold. Did that extra time make it a better book or just aggravate you?

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich actually they were two very different titles and areas of focus. different publishers as well. but, yes, that experience did give me a greater sense for what the book should be about.

      • chemann1 Oh! I didn’t realize that.

        • chemann1

          ginidietrich chemann1 yeah, one was a Dummies book. The pearson book is a “real” book.

        • chemann1 ginidietrich The “Dummies” book sounds right up my alley. 😉

        • belllindsay chemann1 ginidietrich Too easy…

        • yvettepistorio LOL!!

        • chemann1 I’m glad you put it on hold, then. I think it’s a fantastic book.

        • chemann1

          ginidietrich chemann1 appreciate that. yeah, I think this was a much better angle.

  • Gini’s got another book coming out soon – should she go on another book tour?

    • chemann1

      belllindsay ha! absolutely.

      • chemann1 IT HAS BEEN DECREED!!!

        • belllindsay chemann1 What will you do without me while I’m on tour? You can’t even make it through a weekend.

        • ginidietrich chemann1 True. Hadn’t thought of that angle.

        • PattiRoseKnight1

          ginidietrich belllindsay chemann1 with technology it’s like you are not even gone really.

        • PattiRoseKnight1 PATTI! I’m trying NOT to go on tour!

  • Alright, kids. We’re closing in on the hour. Get any of your questions out there now!

  • What is the biggest challenge facing marketers in the near term regarding their data and analytics?

    • chemann1

      yvettepistorio it’s the resource challenge. by that I mean the scarcity of talent. very few people have done this kind of work for a company of any size.

  • Next big thing from chemann1 ??

    • chemann1

      belllindsay chemann1 love that question… More world domination? There’s some super fun stuff we’re working on for clients that’s “melt your face” quality. Cant share yet, but coming soon.

  • Thanks Chuck – this was informative and interesting!

  • Thank you, Chuck and everyone at Spin Sucks. Excited about reading the book!

    • chemann1

      Word Ninja Thanks for the questions!

  • T’was fun and very informative! Thanks Chuck!

    • chemann1

      belllindsay Thanks for all your great questions.

    • belllindsay T’were you recently at the Bristol Ren Faire?

  • Thanks so much Chuck! Very informative and can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  • We will draw two winners tomorrow…after others have a chance to stop by and ask questions later today. I’ll tag you if you win!
    Thanks, Chuck! You can go back to harassing me on Facebook now.

    • chemann1

      ginidietrich YES! Thank god. And thank you for having me. Was fun.

  • chemann1

    Thanks everyone for your great questions. Enjoyed spending the time.

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