It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)!

Sorry, John Trader…I can’t seem to get the whistle down.

This week’s question comes from Christina Pappas, the author of The Content Cocktail, about producing videos and how I do them.

She asks:

So here is my question for you (and if its been answered, then please point me to the link) and it’s regarding video. So you are creating these videos for Facebook Question of the Week and believe you use a Flip camera but how? Do you have a stand for it? How do you edit it, post it, embed it in your post? Am thinking about doing some videos for my own blog and just not sure where to start. I am by no means a video editor and would love some advice and head’s up on what exactly is involved before I take this on. Thanks!

There is one thing I forgot to answer in the video and that’s the question about how to embed them in your blog post.

So, Christina, it’s super easy (though it’s giving me fits today).

  1. Go to the video and click on “share.”
  2. Click embed and copy the very long embed code. You may have to click the box below it that says, “Use old embed code,” if all you’re getting is a shortened YouTube link. The code should be lots of HTML jibberish, not a shortened link. I haven’t been able to get the new embed code to work so I stopped trying and just use the old one.
  3. Go into your blog post and click the HTML tab, right underneath the title box and right above (on the far right-hand side) the formatting box. It says “visual” and “HTML.” Click HTML.
  4. Paste the code where you want it.
  5. Change the height and width. I use 425 x 425. You’ll need to change it in two spots – the only places where the code has numbers. You can create a custom size on the YouTube page, but I prefer to do it in the HTML.
  6. Switch back over to visual and voila!

The rest of it I answer in the video below (or you can watch by clicking here). You also get to see Jack Bauer’s “bed” that he uses during the day.

How do you produce videos? Do you have editing tips for Christina?

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P.S. I lied! I got the new embed code to work today. Perhaps it’s because we finally updated WordPress. So, if you have the latest version of WordPress, you can use the new embed code and skip the second part of the second step.

Gini Dietrich

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