#PRStudChat PR CurriculumLast week we participated in the March edition of the PR Student Chat that we sponsor every month along with Deirdre Breakenridge on Twitter.

This month’s was particularly fun as the guest of honor was Spin Sucks very own Martin Waxman.

Even better was that he brought along his Seneca College social media class to participate.

Martin started working at Spin Sucks the same day as me, so you can say we drank from the firehose together.

It’s been a great experience and (in my opinion), we get along just swimmingly.

Martin has lots of knowledge to offer about all things public relations and communications.

Now that we could ask him anything, we decided the topic should focus on PR curriculum (since he’s also a PR and social media instructor)—what should stay, what should go, and yes, how AI even fits into it all.

This #PRStudChat was easily one of our most entertaining, and I feel like it’s safe to say everyone had a blast.

Without further ado, let’s recap, shall we?

Changing Trends in Communications

We started off with a fairly standard, but important, question.

I wasn’t all that surprised when almost everyone’s answer was the same.

(Everybody’s gif game was on point during this chat, by the way.)

Next up, we touched on the different skills we consider essential to communications and public relations professionals.

The Essentials

There was some variety here.

It made my heart happy to see that writing was at the top of several people’s lists.

Valerie Simon made some great points as well.

And because it’s Martin, we couldn’t help but tie in the topic of AI.

AI’s Place in PR Curriculum

(Told you guys their gif game was good!)

Wrapping Up

And while I could post the answer to every single question, it would make for too long of a read.

There were 363 tweets in all for this session and we were even trending in Canada!


PR curriculumThat’s a big deal!

If you want to read the entire #PRStudChat about the changing landscape of PR curriculum, I’ll link to it here.

In the mean time, take a look at the questions and add some of your own answers in the comments.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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