SES 1Out of all the speakers I’ve seen this week, Gini is definitely at the top.  (And I’m only half saying that because she is my boss and I’m sucking up.)

Quote of the day: “You only have the perception of control.

YAY! She talked about our response campaign!  Be out there. Be commenting on articles, regardless if you are in them.  You can now do your own media relations.

Social media gives you a seat at the proverbial table.  You can now track PR and you can tell your bosses what kind of effect your work has on sales.

Then Greg Jarboe took the mic and reminded us that the hottest thing going has not yet found a home, in terms of social media belonging to marketing, communications, sales, HR, legal, or customer service.  So, where do I fit in I thought.  Then I’m thinking, does it matter if we have a home if, as a firm, we’re still successful?

I digress and started listening again when he mentioned sharing and all the different “sharing” sites out there and learned that more searches take place on YouTube than on Yahoo and Bing put together.

Social media allows you to create a search term.  And that search term can be your brand.

For more of Greg’s search, YouTube, and ROI information go here

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