The last session of the day I chose to attend the panel about mixing search and integrated marketing. This workshop each panelist gave a 10 minute presentation and then went on to questions.

Most of it was what we already know so, for this post, I’ve pulled the key points from all of the presenters.

• Search is a marketing tactic, just like TV, print, email and other direct campaigns.

• Test fast – learn fast. Test your messaging and/or offers and to see what resonates with your target audiences online…quickly.

• All conversions don’t need to take place on your Web site.

• Integrate paid search into earned media. (Search and display work 15x better than search alone.)

• If you have your customers coming to your site and then are prompted to make a phone call for some type of conversion, link that together to show in your search.

• Consumers are less likely to purchase something if the brand does not show up in a search results.

• Econometric modeling – Tracking online and offline marketing together is key.

• Know your messages and manage your data!