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Social Media Fatigue

By: Gini Dietrich | July 21, 2011 | 

Does it feel like it was JUST Facebook question of the week time?! Today is Thursday. Right??

Well, if I’m wrong and it’s not Thursday, surprise!

I’m coming to you from a hotel room. But last time I recorded from a hotel room my friend Damian Dayton very kindly suggested I place myself in front of a window.

I took his advice. Turns out I did something wrong because it’s super dark. I’ll try something different next time.

But wait until you see how exciting the backdrop is. You’ll be sooooo jealous of me.

(Update: I was wrong; Damian told me to put the window in FRONT of me, not behind. I couldn’t remember and guessed…mostly because what was out the window was way more interesting than my hotel room door. Sorry Damian!)

Before I get to Beatriz Alemar’s questions, you should know the baby birds left the nest on Sunday. They were standing on the edge of the nest, with their chests pumped out, and then they flew away.

I’m sad. Jack Bauer and I no longer have anything to watch first thing in the morning.

And on to the Facebook question. Or, in this case, questions.

Bea asks:

1. What is social media fatigue, what do you think causes it and what are a few ways to combat it?

2. How do you divide your time up online (between networks, blogs, etc)?

3. How many pairs of shoes do you (Gini) own?”

I answer all three. I counted my shoes before I left home so I could give you an accurate answer.

The video is below (or click here if you can’t see it in your Reader and it’ll magically appear).

Now it’s your turn. How would you answer Bea’s questions? And how many pairs of shoes do you own?

And don’t forget to head over to Facebook and ask a question for a coming video. Danny Brown and Nancy Davis are still banned so you have a chance!

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  • Dear Imelda,

    I find the best way to beat Social Media fatigue is to shut off the computer and go count my shoes. Well, for me that takes all of 20 seconds, but for SOME of us, it might take a day or two…

  • You have 75 pairs of shoes? i think I have about 30. Maybe I will go and count later today. How many of those 75 do you actually wear? Hmm?

    I am fatigued. Burned out on social media to an extent. I think I may get rid of Facebook. i need one less social network to deal with, and we know how addicted I am to Twitter!

  • KimDavies

    Wow! That’s a lot of shoes, Gini! 😀 And I’m happy and sad at the same time that your baby birds have finally left the nest and learned to fly. Happy because they’re finally spreading their wings and exploring the world and sad for you because you’re without your wee feathery friends anymore. But, I guess, that just how the cookie crumbles, huh?

    Now on to Beatriz’s questions:

    Hey, Beatriz, I don’t have as many shoes as Gini. i think she’s on her way to becoming like Imelda (much like what Ken is calling her). I think I have 12 pairs of footwear including my flip flops. I don’t wear high heels because of my scoliosis so you can just imagine how far your imagination can go when it comes to ballet flats. I only have one pair of one-inch heel of black peep-toe shoes that I wear for special events and that’s it. Most of my footwear are flats and sandals. 😀

    Now, social media fatigue happens when you take on too much social media marketing all at once and you combat this by taking a walk, playing with your kids, smelling the roses. You take these breaks in between writing articles, blog hopping and commenting, twittering, Facebooking and what not. 🙂

  • M_Koehler

    Ok Imelda, I feel like a slacker now having only 5 pairs of shoes including 1 pair of manky old running shoes I use for yardwork. For the fatigue, take a break. I am a member of too many music message boards and other things and just have to take a break so often to keep from getting tired of them and getting snippy with people.

  • ginidietrich

    @KenMueller Nah. It only takes about 20 seconds. I’m a fast counter.

  • ginidietrich

    @NancyD68 I think we’re all doing a TON and we just added another new tool. At some point, everyone will break.

  • ginidietrich

    @KimDavies Or ride your bike! And come on, 75 pairs isn’t THAT much, is it?

  • ginidietrich

    @M_Koehler Well, you’re a boy. You shouldn’t have that many.

  • @ginidietrich ah…like Rainman….

  • Gini,

    I’m NOT going to fixate on the shoes. With all the “getting around” you do, you NEED that many pairs!

    Social media fatigue!? I’m NOT going to find out what that is because I’m going off the grid as of Sunday for 10 glorious days. I intend to return relaxed, refreshed and ready for a busy fun fall. I think we forget that we can be as tired emotionally and intellectually as physically. Last night my husband asked what would happen if we had to cancel our trip. I replied that I would go off the grid right here at home – it’s that important to me!

    I don’t have a system of dividing up my time well. I find on post mornings I tend to want to visit a lot but I visit a lot every day. Maybe I need a system – I’ll let you know after my vacation 😉


  • CesLSU

    I’m okay with The Facebook, but Twitter is definitely taking a back seat!

  • JGoldsborough

    Ok, not to stereotype, but I’m betting is you surveyed 100 women, your 75 shoes would be in the bottom 50 percent. My wife, Maggie, actually donated a lot of her shoes lately and got down under 50, I think. Impressive.

    The hour reading blogs a day is a good one that I am trying to make more of a habit. Some days I do great at it, others not so much. That dang writing blog posts gets in the way :). Enjoy the freeway view!

  • ThePaulSutton

    Delighted to see this after the brief chat we had earlier this week, Gini. Was actually going to leave a similar question for you.

    I know I’ve certainly got a bad case of SM Fatigue at present. Quantity of sharing & conversation has gone down (Klout score is tumbling, although you know, who cares?!) but perhaps more importantly, quality of writing has nose-dived. Got lots of ideas, but can’t seem to be able to communicate them clearly, and if that isn’t a sign that you need a break I don’t know what is. It’s difficult as you’d normally just take that break for a while. But when you work inside of social media 50 hours a week, it’s not that simple.

    Interested to hear how yourself and everyone else actually DEALS with this when it strikes, as it inevitably does to everyone at some stage or another. Thoughts, people??

  • arikhanson

    Three things:

    * Don’t listen to Damion 😉 Putting light in the background means you’re shooting into the light, which means your video is darker and I have a tough time seeing you.

    * 75 shoes? Where are my 74 more #BadAssShoes submissions?

    * 4.5 hours? Wow. I think there’s another post in there somewhere about who’s spending more time on social these days (my take: community managers–obviously–and folks responsible for new business–you).

  • martinwaxman

    On how to spend soc media time & shoes RT @TroyClaus 49TroyClaus Troy Claus
    Social Media Fatigue via @ginidietrich

  • Hi Gini… here’s my video tip of the week for you, sort of following up on the comment made by @arikhanson . By putting the window in the background, you actually create a silhouette effect that the auto iris on your camera fights… thus making you dark and your background perfectly lit.

    If you face the window, all that wonderful natural light will make sure we see you. Of course, then we might see your unmade bed and generic hotel room… so there is a trade-off. 🙂 The idea is simply to make sure the light source in front of you is more powerful than any light source in back of you.

    I’ll contact you privately about the consulting fee you now owe me. 🙂

    –Tony Gnau

  • Never EVER stand in front of a window… The camera (assuming it’s on auto exposure) will adjust based on the light outside the window. So unless you have a pro lighting kit inside the room, you will always look like a silhouette.

    Sitting next to the window with your back to the wall is usually a good bet, since the sunlight will light up your face the the camera won’t overadjust the brightness, because it’s not pointed at the window.

  • @arikhanson You and T60Productions beat me to this! I gotta learn to read the comments BEFORE I make a comment. Oh well.

  • JasonVerhoosky

    First off…I LOVE that I now know that you have roughly 75 pairs of shoes. It also makes me feel better about being a guy who owns about 30 pairs of shoes. Secondly, I would agree that when you actually look at the amount of time spent on all things social, it is easy to develop “social fatigue”. I as well would LOVE to hear any tips or tricks you have to combat this horrid illness, and how you try to keep things fresh! Keep up the good work Gini!

  • NagatoKimura

    @saulsay Thank you so much for following me. I followed you back.

  • cision

    @ginidietrich @NancyD68 I agree, at some point everyone will break! As a community manager, I do spend a lot more time on social these days. Between blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and social monitoring, and then freelancing for an online magazine in my free time, sometimes I don’t even know what day it is! (Gini can attest to this :P) I find the best “break” I can get is staying unplugged when I leave the office for the day. Although it can be really tempting to just check really quick and see what’s going on…

  • rachaelseda

    @JasonVerhoosky Does the 75 shoe part surprise you? I’m actually surprised it’s not more!! cc: @ginidietrich

  • JasonVerhoosky

    @rachaelseda @ginidietrich It does surprise me…I was thinking it was in the hundreds!

  • Put on an old-fashioned hat, tilted. Lean back, look somewhat menacing, and you’ll have an entirely new movie. (Or at least a really fun scene).

    You’re welcome.

  • patrickreyes

    I thought for sure you had more shoes than that @ginidietrich ! I will tell you that I feel like I’m experiencing social media fatigue right now. I’ll be interested to see what the response to Google+ will be when they open it up to everyone. Will people try to maintain yet another profile? We all know what it takes to maintain the social tools already in place. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

  • @patrickreyes @ginidietrich I’m with you Patrick. The very thought of learning yet another “social media thing” is beyond my physical, mental and emotional comprehension. Hence…no google+ for me (yet), despite the raving reviews it seems to be getting. I’m juggling as fast as I can as it is…to the detriment of my own business, I might add! That’s gotta change…today:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • damian.dayton

    Hey, I need to apologize.

    As has been stated several times putting a strong light source behind you will ALWAYS give you a strong silhouette. I think we communicated just briefly about this, I was trying to get Gini to get a stronger light source on her face. What I intended, was that she use the window as a light source. I intended for her to put the window behind the computer, so that the indirect light hits her face. (Ideally it would be on a slight angle, maybe 45 degrees).

    Web cameras have small lenses, and smaller sensors and they usually have a hard time first, getting enough light, and second, handling differences in lighting (called dynamic range).

    When filming a video with a web cam or your computer, I suggest using a diffused, indirect light source. Professionally we use what’s called a “softbox” or “chimera”, but if you are in a hotel room. I recommend using the light from the window to shine on to your face (through a light curtain if you can).

    You definitely DON”T want to have the window in your shot, but rather use it as a light source.

    I hope that clarifies things, Gini, I am sorry that I didn’t communicate the idea more effectively.

  • @Lori Enjoy your vacation Lori! I look forward to your book. And I love your spunk…even if you didn’t go on vacation, you’d go off the grid for 10 days. I’m counting, my friend, so don’t try to sneak in there…I’ll catch you:) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your vacation! Cheers! Kaarina

  • @KenMueller Ken, I’m laughing out loud at this comment, and the Rainman comment. And that hurts, because I’m just recovering from a root canal! Ah, the blissful pleasure of smiling through pain:)

  • Can I borrow some of your shoes?

  • CristerDelaCruz

    For me social media fatigue is similar to going to meetings, networking events, parties, etc. one right after the other – interacting and talking to people (as we should be). Too much of it gets… well… fatiguing. And we’ve all experienced those days jam-packed full of meetings one right after the other where you need to be present and engaged – then at the end you just need to have some “white space” quiet time. Same thing. There are days that I’m quiet and don’t really say much, but I may still be listening. So I guess it varies day to day.

    As for the shoes… and me being Filipino and the Imelda references aside, I think I’ve got you beat 97. That’s still not in the “hundreds” but yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed. But I have an excuse!!! (not that one would really need an excuse for having a love of shoes)… small feet so when I see shoes/boots in a style I love, I MUST have them in multiple colors! Valid, right? 🙂

  • KimDavies

    @ginidietrich Uhm, it’s getting close to THAT much. 😀

  • glenn_ferrell

    Love hearing about people’s SM process ! (Not so much about their shoes.) But I did realize that, sometimes (at least here) the problem is more stimulation than fatigue. The process is so stimulating that I have to have a mental checklist and CLOSE Hootsuite, Google Reader,, etc. as soon as that checklist is completed — in order to get my real work done on schedule. (But like you, I touch base again around lunch, dinner and before bed.)

    From your post on Seth’s TED talk — those dynamics of ‘Appointment’, ‘Influence and Status’, ‘Progression’, ‘Communal Discovery’ are all at work, at least in this house. The important thing is to stop “bar-pressing” when the timer dings 🙂

    Wait — blog commenting was not on my checklist – bye 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    Oh no! I misunderstood! @damian.dayton told me to put the window in FRONT of me. #iamanidiot

  • ginidietrich

    @KDillabough What size do you wear?

  • @KDillabough Well there goes THAT sneaky temptation! LOL Thanks!

  • kunter

    @ginidietrich I would love to comment on your fatigue article but I feel too tired to respond every argument on social media 🙂

  • @ginidietrich @damian.dayton Haha… I figured there must’ve been some sort of miscommunication. Damian looks like a very accomplished filmmaker, just based on his Twitter page!

  • Hi Gini! How would I answer those questions?:

    1. Social Media Fatigue is when you stop enjoying the experience and feel like you need to take time off.

    2. I spend on average ~2 hours per day split between 2 companies and my personal accounts (mostly my stuff) and I am under utilizing Social Media compared to you and probably many of your readers.

    3. I think I have about 8 pairs of shoes and I hope I never have much more than that because my wife has the larger closet and I have the tiny one. (Happy wife, happy life)

    Have a safe trip home 🙂


  • @hackmanj I totally agree with your number 1!

    And you’re so smart about happy wife, happy life!

    Good to see you Joe!

  • pamlukas

    Glad to see you misunderstood the window lighting tip!

    As for combating ‘social media fatigue’: I believe you need to take stock (just as you did) and determine if, for you and your business situation, you are spending too much time socializing, and not enough time on, well, ‘business-ing’.

    As far as I have been able to determine, real live clients will pay my salary; Facebook/Twitter/Google et al DO NOT.

    Until such time that they do (Ha!), I realize they are just tools in my business marketing arsenal, and are NOT the tools of my trade. Certainly, social media has marketing benefits, but it also eats away insidiously at the time better spent on my clients. I am going to try a new social media management tool, called Roost. I will be able to set up a ‘campaign’ system of posts, (and it also suggests things for my posts) for my new business, to get away from the ‘just checking & commenting for a minute that turns into 2-1/2 hours later’ trap.

    More time for my clients, less time on the social media cloud. Of course, time spent on these sites are going to vary per the individual.

    Bottom line is, only you can determine if you are wagging the tail, or the tail is wagging YOU.

  • Dearest Imelda,

    I have approximately 12 pairs of shoes which is good because I wear a size 12 EEE. The point being that since they are large they take up more space than I like. Seventy-five pairs of my shoes would probably weigh close to a metric ton and that would be an issue.

    The definition of social media fatigue is the condition that occurs when one doesn’t read the insightful, witty, famous and incredibly humble blog by that fellow TheJackB.

    It is true. I read that very definition online and we all know that whatever we read online is true.

    P.S. I am holding a webinar on how to beat Social Media Fatigue. The cost is $23.50 and it is only an hour long. Sign up now, only 2,000 spots are available.

  • I think answering the second question helps to answer the first. I check my profiles and pages in the morning but only after I’ve published my daily blog post. I then check on other profiles I manage for some of my clients and schedule updates for myself and them. I then move onto the other projects for the day, such as writing for whomever is on that day’s publishing schedule and contacting current or potential clients. At some point (usually three times – morning, afternoon, and before leaving work) during the day, I return to those networks and/or blogs to check on comments and to reply to any that have been made.

    I combat my social media activities by unplugging. I read some poetry (currently reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses and wondering how I haven’t read it previously) and write some poetry (on paper – I have to start with a pencil and paper when writing poetry). I sometimes draw, too.

    In response to the shoes question, I think I have close to thirty pairs. I didn’t count them. I do love shoes, though, so @ginidietrich and I should not be allowed to go shoe shopping together.

  • @ginidietrich I spent all day in front of the screen yesterday between blog posts due, writing the social media guide for my work, tweeting, Facebook updates and every other thing. I went to bed with my eye twitching! That can’t be normal. I am going to go count my shoes now. 🙂

  • @ginidietrich Too large for your tiny little feet, I’m afraid. But a girl can dream:)

  • @TheJackB Jack, I am giving you a badge for that. And cake!

  • TheAntiMedia

    @wagnerwrites 4.5 hours? Doesn’t she have a real life too?

  • wagnerwrites

    @TheAntiMedia She should have filmed the video in a Super Woman suit.

  • TheAntiMedia

    @wagnerwrites I haven’t read her post yet, but does she talk about the ROI? that seems like such a huge time spend.

  • wagnerwrites

    @TheAntiMedia Nope. Good question. There are lots of ways to answer that; it’s different for everyone.

  • TheAntiMedia

    @wagnerwrites Agreed. Just interested in what @GiniDietrich considers ROI with that amount of time spent.

  • 75 pairs sounds about right to me…actually, just counted, I have 62. And that’s after giving at least 30 pairs to the good will! I’m on a shoe budget now–1 pair every 3 months. 🙂

    I was commenting over at @TheJackB ‘s blog about my technique for combating social media fatigue: my regular, pre-paid cell phone. I can make and receive calls (but they have to be short) and I can send and receive text messages. But that’s it. No internet. No tweeting. When I’m away from my laptop, I’m offline.

    I’ve been dividing up my social media time in blocks using a timer: 50 minutes of work, then 10 minutes of social media. I keep going until I’ve completed my goals for the day, then I switch to 100% social media. I think this helps me stay balanced.

  • SarahRobinson

    @ginidietrich @balemar is going to be at CIP…..not that I’m trying to talk you into being there or anything…..:-)

  • jennwhinnem

    @ginidietrich @balemar oh COOL! love her! will watch later…

  • @marianne.worley I really like your strategy…oh, and the number of pairs of shoes.

  • Here’s the thing – there is no way most of my clients have that kind of time to devote to social media. I’m lucky to get a few minutes a day out of them. That’s the nature of running a small business.

    How do they manage their social media? There is always a slow time in the day when they can get to a little bit of stuff, but nothing as serious as a blog post. I have one that I “interview” once a week for a post that I write, which helps a ton (and keeps things more or less in their voice). You can also relay twitter content to the webpage, etc, to maximize what is updated with minimal effort.

    So there are a zillion strategies for managing a decent presence on SM. But you’re never going to get a single proprietor to pay more attention to online people than they do to the people who are in the store. And, frankly, that’s about how it should be, IMHO.

  • C_Pappas

    I think I have too many shoes. Is there such a thing? I find myself hiding the boxes as fast as I can from my boyfriend in the slight chance that he doesnt realize they have not always been in my closet. So with fancy shoes, flipflops, salsa shoes, boots, sneakers, etc. I have about 92 give or take a missing left foot.

    So on to social media. I thought that managing everything would be easier without having a 9-5 day job that brought with it all sorts of other commitments, but its not. In fact, I am spending even more of my time on the networks reacting to things, sharing things and networking with great people. Right now I spend about 5-6 hours of my day on social media and I could easily spend more, but I force myself to shut it down every night.

    As for social media fatigue. The thing that fatigues me is that there is SO much to read and consume and respond to. I wish I could comment on every great post I read every day, but I cant and its exhausting and overwhelming to me at times to think of how much there is out there that I am not seeing and reading.

  • balemar

    @patrickreyes @ginidietrich @KDillabough I know how you all feel. I’m excited about Google+, but I keep thinking to myself: “Oh, no, not another one.”

  • balemar

    @arikhanson That’s a great post idea. Who is actually spending the most time online? And, the second part to that, what are they doing?

  • @C_Pappas I think I’m a little like you. I could spend more hours on social media, but I have to have some limits. I would turn into that scary cave troll if I didn’t. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of good things out there, too, but there’s only one of me, and I’d like to think I’ve learned some things from the burnout/fatigue I’ve endured in the past. 🙂

  • balemar

    @KimDavies There is nothing wrong with having a closet full of cute ballet flats. I love them. I wish I had more.

    I love how you included smelling the roses in there. Sometimes, it’s just nice to go outside and just BE in nature. Brings us back to reality.

  • balemar

    @C_Pappas I’m having the same problem. The information overload is definitely taking its toll. I have so many things that I’ve loved that I want to share and respond to that I never get around to. It’s been so nice to just step back a bit and take a break while I reenergize myself. If it’s big news, I’ll eventually hear about it (like Google+).

  • ginidietrich

    @TheAntiMedia @wagnerwrites The ROI is gigantic for us. Most of our business comes from the blog. I get all speaking opps from social media

  • ginidietrich

    @KDillabough @KenMueller You think that’s like Rain Man, you should see what I can do with numbers. Mr. D makes fun of me all the time because he’ll ask me a plot of a movie and I’ll have no idea (even though I’ve seen it). And then he’ll say, “What’s your Visa number?” and I can recite it.

  • ginidietrich

    @NancyD68 And how many pairs do you have?!

  • ginidietrich

    @Cision Eventually that joke’ll get old, but it sure is funny right now!

  • ginidietrich

    @balemar @KimDavies I’m with Bea. I don’t wear flats because I’m short and I always feel like people are towering over me. That and I’m too lazy to have my pants shortened. Otherwise I’d only wear ballet slippers.

  • ginidietrich

    @Lori What’d you decide to do about Triberr while you’re out?

  • ginidietrich

    @CesLSU Do I know you?

  • ginidietrich

    @JGoldsborough Oh come on! I”m going to survey, then! On the hour a reading every day…I haven’t done it all week because I’ve been on the road. It’s always the first thing to go.

  • ginidietrich

    @ThePaulSutton When was the last time you had a few days off?

  • wagnerwrites

    @ginidietrich @TheAntiMedia Thanks – all of your time benefits me greatly, too!

  • @ginidietrich @KDillabough a freakin’ Shopaholic rain man. so sad.

  • ginidietrich

    @balemar @arikhanson I totally misunderstood Damian. He told me correctly and I did it the opposite of what he told me. Oy. The only time that doesn’t correlate to business growth is reading blogs. I do that for a few reasons: 1) To become a better writer, 2) Get versed on what the all of you guys are saying about stuff, and 3) Build community. But the writing of blog posts and developing our own community drives directly to the bottom line.

  • ginidietrich

    @T60Productions Which is clearly what I learned after doing it. 🙂

  • @ginidietrich I’m going to let it do its thing! I am going to put a message on my Twitter, though, saying I’m away and some tweets are automated, ideas borrowed from a couple of different smart bloggers!

  • ginidietrich

    @fitzternet I’ll do better next time, I promise!

  • ginidietrich

    @JasonVerhoosky I MISS YOU! Where have you been?!? I think part of my fatigue is I haven’t had a vacation in three years. I need a vacation. We all need to rest and recharge.

  • ginidietrich

    @Lori Great idea!

  • balemar

    First off, I am so excited you actually counted before you left. Just 75?? 😉 And two, it comforts me a bit that you are spending (for better or for worse) 4-5 hours just on social media each day. It’s a good example that if you want to be uber-involved online, you have to be willing to dedicate the time (just like everything else).

    As far as social media fatigue, I am totally feeling it. The amount of networks and information can be overwhelming. I’ve had to scale back and reassess why I’m on the networks I’m on and who I talk or want to talk to. I don’t know if it’s because the industry has changed or because my priorities have changed. I’m excited to see what new direction I’ll be taking and how to combat this feeling in the future.

  • ginidietrich

    @Shad Boots LOL!! I’m not sure I know HOW to look menacing.

  • ginidietrich

    @balemar @patrickreyes @KDillabough I am not adapting G+ as quickly as I have the other tools. I’m doing more commenting than content creation, right now. That totally goes against my philosophy, but I clearly don’t have time to add one more thing.

  • ginidietrich

    @damian.dayton No, no. It’s me who owes you an apology. I remember that conversation from a year ago and I got it mixed up. I had a 50/50 chance. This is why I don’t gamble.

  • ginidietrich

    @KDillabough My mom and Mr. D’s sister wear my size so they’ve laid claim. But you can have what they don’t want! 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @CristerDelaCruz We were the same size. We should combine and be a force to be reckoned with.

  • ginidietrich

    @glenn_ferrell LOL!! I’m learning a lot about you this week and I like your process.

  • ginidietrich

    @EricaAllison @hackmanj #1?! What about #3?!?

  • balemar

    @jennwhinnem @ginidietrich I couldn’t resist asking about her shoes! If they were my size, I’d steal her closet!

  • ginidietrich

    @pamlukas Interesting thinking on Roost. I may check that out, as well. The problem with me, specifically, is we see a direct correlation between the time I spend using all the online tools and business growth. I just did three speaking engagements this week, that all were paid and all drive business to us. In fact, one guy in the audience this morning has already scheduled a new business meeting with us. Without the time I spend using the tools, I wouldn’t be as effective as a speaker. So it all goes round in a circle.

  • balemar

    @SarahRobinson Sneaky, sneaky. 😉 But if @ginidietrich just happens to be in ATL at the end of Sept that would be very exciting.

  • ginidietrich

    @TheJackB So I’m sitting in the Admiral’s Club, at the Denver airport, laughing out loud at your P.S. Thanks for making me look like a crazy person. And you know, with feet that big, your 12 pairs is probably equivalent to 48 of mine. So I really don’t have that many more than you.

  • ginidietrich

    @Erin F. We can totally go shoe shopping together! PLLLLLEASE?!?

  • @ginidietrich @pamlukas I’m so with you on this. If it weren’t for my online presence, content, and activities, I wouldn’t have a business. It’s how I hone my skills and find my clients. Or rather, where my clients find me.

  • ginidietrich

    @marianne.worley THANK YOU for not making me look nuts. 🙂 You know, I like your strategy. But, as much as I’m on the road, and the business I’m in (especially if there is a PR crisis) that’s impossible for me. I did institute a no technology zone on Fridays from when I get home until after my ride on Saturday morning. That’s helping a lot. The problem is that I enjoy it so much, it’s hard to get back into the groove.

  • ginidietrich

    @wabbitoid I totally, and completely, agree with you.

  • jennimacdonald

    Gini don’t feel bad about 75, that’s nothing! : )In regards to the 4.5 hours a day, I look at it as that’s actually a 1/3 of the time you would be spending doing all of those tasks if digital communication wasn’t available. How much of the Facebook time are you commenting on family member posts? That’s quicker than a hour phone call with a sibling. Writing blogs to me are like press releases so that knocks that off the list. Last but not least Twitter and Google+ are networking and getting on there for about an hour a day lets you interact with a lot more people than if you went to a networking event and tried to talk to 20+ different people that night. So actually Gini your 4.5 hours a day is a rockstar move, you’ve condensed the timely tasks into a 1/3 of the time!

  • jennimacdonald

    Gini don’t feel bad about 75, that’s nothing! : )

    In regards to the 4.5 hours a day, I look at it as that’s actually a 1/3 of the time you would be spending doing all of those tasks if digital communication wasn’t available. How much of the Facebook time are you commenting on family member posts? That’s quicker than a hour phone call with a sibling. Writing blogs to me are like press releases so that knocks that off the list. Last but not least Twitter and Google+ are networking and getting on there for about an hour a day lets you interact with a lot more people than if you went to a networking event and tried to talk to 20+ different people that night.

    So actually Gini your 4.5 hours a day is a rockstar move, you’ve condensed the timely tasks into a 1/3 of the time!

  • ginidietrich

    @balemar It’s probably a little bit of both. And now that you’re out on your own, every bit of online activity you do HAS to lead to a business result. Your priorities will continue to shift. That’s a good thing.

  • TheAntiMedia

    @ginidietrich Good to know! Thanks!

  • ginidietrich

    @balemar @C_Pappas @Erin F. I have an idea. Let’s buy a house together and spend all day on social media.

  • ginidietrich

    @jennimacdonald See. There are so many reasons I love you!

  • jennimacdonald

    @ginidietrich Sorry if someone already alluded to that fact, 75 posts is way too much to read through before commenting. : )

  • ginidietrich

    @jennimacdonald HAHH! Nope. You’re the first.

  • @ginidietrich @T60Productions Live and learn, right? Nothing like having dozens of people then telling you what you did wrong. 🙂

  • @ginidietrich Nah, I didn’t make you look crazy- men already understand that all women are crazy. 😉 And now I think that I better run grab my helmet before I get hurt.

  • arikhanson

    @balemar Kinda what I was thinking. @ginidietrich I’m taking that one 😉

  • @ginidietrich @balemar @C_Pappas That sounds like entirely too much fun.

  • I must be blind, because I can’t find my original comment.

    Anyway! Menacing can be easy in the shadows. You just have to use it to your advantage. I think you could do it. We could even work on a small script for you. A couple lines to give you your acting debut. ; )

  • @ginidietrich Of course we can! It doesn’t take a lot of convincing when it comes to shoes.

  • @wabbitoid Yes, in-person attention will always be more important than online attention. I think one of the reasons to employ social media is to use it as a lead-in to an offline encounter. It’s only in those face-to-face meetings that you truly get to know another person.

  • @marianne.worley Yes, I wish I could employ your strategy, but I’m not sure it would work with the line of work I do, either. Too bad. @ginidietrich I do believe in setting those “no technology zones,” though, as hard as it is to keep them in place at times.

  • @jennimacdonald That’s a good evaluation. I feel a little better about my own social media habits. 🙂

  • @balemar Reading your comment makes me think about how I’ve been approaching Google+. I haven’t been nearly as frenetic in finding people to follow as I was when I first joined Twitter. I guess my priorities are shifting, too, as I learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur rather than a freelancer playing at being an entrepreneur.

  • ginidietrich

    @Shad Boots You know how you can find it? It has a picture of you next to it. When you say “we could even work on a small script” does that mean you’re going to write it and I’ll deliver it?

  • ginidietrich

    @TheJackB It’s OK. Did you see the photo I posted to FB that said, “Women are crazy because men are A holes”?

  • ginidietrich

    @arikhanson I have half a mind to send you a picture of the flip flops I’m wearing right now.

  • adamtoporek

    @ginidietrich @Shad Boots Gini, we’ll send you a PR pitch asking you to sign an NDA just to hear our pitch… then we’ll shoot your expression as you read it! 🙂

  • @ginidietrich no, I missed that one. I’ll generalize here for a moment and say that the sad truth is that women probably care more about being called crazy than men do about being called A holes.

  • I know a person who once had 21 pairs of shoes packed for a 7-night cruise, since flip flops = shoes. So owning 75 isn’t crazy.. I’m guessing I have maybe 40-50 all together. I think I spend most of my time on blogs, then Twitter, then the rest everywhere else and yes, I need a nap. Easiest way to combat fatigue, unplug, turn of the smartphones, walk away.. just accept the fact that there is always awesome and epic crap going down on the Internets and yes, you will miss most of it. FWIW.

  • @CesLSU G-E-A-U-X Tigers.

  • @ginidietrich Of course. It’d be amusing. I do like @adamtoporek ‘s idea though.

  • @KenMueller @ginidietrich So good:)

  • pamlukas

    @ginidietrich Right! You are using the tools more for business-ing, and less for general socializing with them; which is helping grow your business, and is not taking time away from it. Your balance of time spent on there as related to your business is working for you at your level right now. I keep seeing small and new business people fall down the social media time-sucking black hole; losing time there thinking they are ‘marketing’ their business, when in reality they are just gossiping about others, and/or trading way too much ‘familiar’ type information with people that they are trying to turn into clients. It comes down to a time management/business improvement balance; finding those tools that help you manage all these new media tools most effectively, yet still allow you the personal touch, I think.

  • jennwhinnem

    @balemar @ginidietrich I didn’t know Gini was a shoe girl! I have some catching up to do!

  • ginidietrich

    @TheJackB I don’t know why. We ARE crazy.

  • ginidietrich

    @adamtoporek @Shad Boots HAHAHAHA! Oh Adam. You kill me!

  • ginidietrich

    @3HatsComm I just packed four pairs of shoes for a 36 hour trip. That’s pretty unusual for me, though. Typically one pair of heels and my cycling shoes is all I take. But I had extra room in my suitcase. So why not??

    Um, you forgot the drinking wine and playing cards part.

  • ginidietrich

    @Shad Boots @adamtoporek If you guys come up with something, I’ll do it.

  • CristerDelaCruz

    @ginidietrich I WISH!!! Unfortunately, we’re not. I’m a solid 4. You’re a 5 1/2-6? So sad… *sigh*

  • ginidietrich

    @JGoldsborough When you put it that way, there are lots of numbers in that blog post.

  • ginidietrich

    @arikhanson Sending you my bad ass flip-flops

  • ginidietrich

    @JasonVerhoosky I have missed you soooo much!

  • ginidietrich

    @rachaelseda I’m kind of surprised it’s not more, too. I just gave a bunch to my mom. Should have counted those.

  • ginidietrich

    @kunter Ha! LOL!

  • ginidietrich

    @RTRViews At least 25 more pairs so I can break 100. Don’t you think?

  • I have a challenge for you. The next few pairs of shoes you buy, you buy them from TOMS

  • ginidietrich

    @jennwhinnem Were your ears burning the other night? @Soulati and I were singing your praises/.

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich That seems like a much better round number. The only concern is if that you might need a bigger shoe rack. Go for it!

  • ginidietrich

    @RTRViews That’s what The Container Store is for!

  • jennwhinnem

    @ginidietrich @Soulati NOW they are! well thanks ladies that’s really kind!

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich Problem solved. Enjoy the shoe shopping!

  • ginidietrich

    @RTRViews You’re such a good friend!

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich Did you see @MSchechter’s news about a new addition? Emily Margaret…

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich BTW after your post I almost stopped and counted on my wife’s side of the closet but decided ignorance is bliss in that area.

  • ginidietrich

    @RTRViews I DID!! Yay!

  • ginidietrich

    @RTRViews Or…you could count them and, if they’re less than 75, be comfortable knowing she’s not as bad as me.

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich Nope. Not going to go there. I know better.

  • adamtoporek

    @ginidietrich @Shad Boots Hah! We might have to collaborate. Do you do accents? 🙂

  • jennwhinnem

    Quick note – seems like everyone I know IRL does video – never let a window be behind you like that – it backlights you. As you now know!

    I admit I too am feeling a little fatigued, but it’s mostly because my life is wonderfully busy at the moment. I bet everyone here breathed a sigh of relief at the “okay to be everywhere like Gini, it takes 4-5 hours per day. GOT IT.”

    Also jealous of the shoe collection.

  • JGoldsborough

    @ginidietrich See, numbers don’t have to be scary :).

  • @adamtoporek @ginidietrich I highly doubt that my accents are any good. ha.

  • RTRViews

    @ginidietrich Damn you… My willpower failed. You’re not even close. Next time she’s in Chicago I’ll see if she’ll take you shopping.

  • HowieSPM

    @KenMueller is this what the Myspace guy did after he sold Myspace?

  • @HowieSPM ha. no. I think he’s selling pencils and apples on a street corner.

  • HowieSPM

    @ginidietrich @3HatsComm I have running shoes, two pairs of flip flops, my black suede vans skate shoes with bright orange laces, and hiking boots for my 5 days in Vermont. If it was cooler out I would of included my yellow retro converse low tops.

  • JasonVerhoosky

    @ginidietrich I miss you right back!!! That said, I am making my comeback! Stay tuned!

  • rachaelseda

    @ginidietrich umm what size shoe do you wear? I would love to sign up for a future donation..that is if the glass slipper fits 😉

  • patrickallmond

    1. I don’t call it social media fatigue. I call it communication overload. The cause is simple: The fear that you are going to miss something. You have to check FB, TW, LI, Blogs, etc. because you want to have the pulse of everything. You want to comment and interact with every conversation. And there is a very easy cure for it. Let it go. It is a sickness like anything else and you need to get used to living with out. This week I have been going through my FB feed and if something said something I didn’t care about I thought back – who are they and when was the last time they said something useful. If I had no good answer then it is time to unfriend them. Every email newsletter that has come in this week I’ve unsubscribed from. I went into my FB settings and turned off almost all of the email notifications. I’ll check FB once a day and if there is anything waiting for me there will be a pretty little number at the top.

    2. Get very good at time management and pick a part of the day where you cut loose and catch up on things. Then pop into each network for 5-10 minutes to catch up and reply what you need to. If nothing needs your attention don’t waste your time looking for something to reply to. Shut it down and move on to the next one.

    3. 6 pairs of dress shoes including a nice size 13 Stacy Adams B&W. The kind Morris Day wears.

    Patrick Allmond – patrickallmond

  • mccalmanpirrfn6
  • MrShri

    @MeghanMBiro @ginidietrich liked the video, wonder how much is Google+ contributing to your 4 1/2 hours 🙂

  • susanoakes

    Hi Gini,

    I have way less shoes than you and love the way you guys say flip flops. We call them thongs which I know can also refer to something else. I agree with Patrick and a cure could be to sit down with a coffee or beverage of choice and ask yourself (now this is kind of boring) what you are achieving with all the effort and time. If it is case of just being being busy with social media because you think you have to perhaps it is time to rethink over another glass.

  • Leon

    G’Day Imelda…er..Gini,

    About ten years ago, a friend asked my wife how many cookbooks she had. She didn’t know. We counted them after she left. We had over 200. Now it’s probably more than 300. Julie’s a fine cook and I’m a dedicated devourer of her products.

    What’s all this got to do with social media? Absolutely nothing. But I’m following the advice of those gurus who say to comment on everything to become known.

    Y’know, maybe it isn’t media: but it is exquisitely social. You put the outside of the animal on your feet. I put the inside of the animal, well….inside.

    How many degrees of separation is that?

    Ah Facebook: where will it lead us next?



  • ginidietrich

    @susanoakes We called them thongs when I was growing up and I was teased so much in college that I changed to calling them flip flops. So funny!

  • ginidietrich

    @jennwhinnem LOL! I’m not sure everywhere is the right word, but it’s kind of nuts. When I spoke yesterday, my last slide is all the places you can get me. A guy in the audience raised his hand and said, “And you run two profitable businesses?” I said, “No. I run one profitable business. The second is to launch next month.” Duh.

  • ginidietrich

    @KenMueller I’ve actually looked at their shoes, but I don’t like them. I know it’s all about good for the earth, but I’m too vain.

  • ginidietrich

    @Shad Boots @adamtoporek I was just reading about the guy who helps movie stars create accents. I could hire him to help me?

  • ginidietrich

    @patrickallmond I LOVE your unfriending rule. Wow. What a great idea!

  • ginidietrich

    @Leon Ohhh. I wonder how many cookbooks I have? I’d guess not nearly 300. But close to 100. I want to be Julie when I grow up!

  • I gave this the night to simmer and here it is: I’m not satisfied, @ginidietrich you know I love ya, and your respectable shoe collection, but what I really wanted to read/hear about is social media fatigue, what it is and how to combat it. And I didn’t get that. At all. I’m truly concerned about it because I’m hearing from non-industry people that they just can’t take anymore. That the firehose has won. The last thing I want is for clients and prospects to start tuning out due to fatigue, overload or what have you. That’s the question of the week, and it didn’t get answered. Could this be NEXT week’s question? I’d really like your thoughts.

  • @ginidietrich @susanoakes We call them thongs too. Just don’t tell that bdorman264 or he’ll pull out his leopard print number:)

  • rustyspeidel

    @KenMueller Tom’s rock.

  • jennimacdonald

    @ginidietrich you sparked a little fire in me. : ) I wrote a blog post to continue on with my comment!

  • OrenTodoros

    @ShellyKramer @ginidietrich Happy Weekend beautiful people.

  • ShellyKramer

    @OrenTodoros Thanks Oren. Hope you’re having a great weekend, too!

  • MSchechter

    @rtrviews Thanks for spreading the good word!

  • RTRViews

    @mschechter Hope everyone is doing well and you’re getting some rest when you can. Congratulations again.

  • MSchechter

    @rtrviews This one is pretty darn good, she gave us two nice four hour stretches last night. We like her 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @Marijean OK. OK. You’re the second person to say this so I will do it as this week’s video.

  • @rustyspeidel I love me some TOMS. And now they are selling glasses under the same model!

  • Imelda Marcos, is that you?

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  • Hey sweetie! I am WAAAAAAYYYY behind in reading – just watched your video – and after reading your comments think the next video will answer the social media fatigue question in more details!

    I had social media fatigue – and I shut down – but I’m trying to catch up in some places (like with you) and let go of some other places that don’t hold my interest!

    btw – include sports and flip flops, I have ~123 pairs of shoes (don’t tell anyone!) lol

  • Hey sweetie! I am WAAAAAAYYYY behind in reading – just watched your video – and after reading your comments think the next video will answer the social media fatigue question in more details!

    I had social media fatigue – and I shut down – but I’m trying to catch up in some places (like with you) and let go of some other places that don’t hold my interest!

    btw – include sports and flip flops, I have ~123 pairs of shoes (don’t tell anyone!) lol

  • garious1

    If I were to give out an answer – social media fatigue is social networking gone out of control. Is it boredom, too much time spent online – or both? Whatever the reason is, it all comes down to having lost that magic that online conversations used to bring… and gone were the days when people are interacting like real humans should. Perhaps, we are in a constant search for fresh content and a little automation won’t hurt either, so long as you follow the 80/20 rule in social engagement: as in 80% conversation and 20% automation. There are plenty of tools that can help you save all the time spent on routinely updating your accounts, so you can have fun getting to know your peers online ( I think I have to stop here as this is getting longer and I don’t want to write a blog post of a reply, haha ).

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