Joe ThornleyYou may recognize his voice as one of three co-hosts on Inside PR, and now you get to see his face!

Joe Thornley is, indeed, one of my compadres on the weekly podcast and, other than Paul Sutton, my favorite person in the industry to debate.

He is a very wise man who is extraordinarily thoughtful and calculated.

So, when he speaks, you will do well to stop what you’re doing and listen.

Me, on the other hand?

I get all fired up and spout off an opinion…sometimes without thinking it all the way through (or just to play devil’s advocate) and that often leads to debates where, in the end, we usually agree.

After we recorded next week’s podcast earlier this week, I made him stay on Zoom so he could sit on the Spin Suck Inquisition hot seat.

He is the co-founder of Thornley Fallis, a PR firm that has offices in Ottawa and Toronto, a podcaster, and blogger.

You will love getting to know him.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition

I asked Joe the normal questions (which you can find below):

  • Tell us who you are and what you do.
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in the past six months?
  • What is one of the biggest trends you’ll be using this year?
  • What is one thing about yourself that would surprise most people?
  • What is the best book you’ve read in the last six months?
  • What is your latest Netflix binge?
  • The Five Second Rule.
  • Where can people find you online?

If you can’t access the video below, you can find it by clicking here.

Where You Can Find Joe Thornley

Now it’s your turn to get to know Joe, which you can do by stalking him online.

You can find him on:

And now the floor is yours. Say hello to Joe!

Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder, CEO, and author of Spin Sucks, host of the Spin Sucks podcast, and author of Spin Sucks (the book). She is the creator of the PESO Model and has crafted a certification for it in partnership with Syracuse University. She has run and grown an agency for the past 15 years. She is co-author of Marketing in the Round, co-host of Inside PR, and co-host of The Agency Leadership podcast.

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