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@PatrickReyes Patrick works at GM and is the furthest thing you would think when you think marketing and automaker. If he gets his way, he’ll change the way the auto industry communicates…for the better. On top of his demanding job, he blogs at Salt and Light, and quite consistently. AND, his New Year’s resolution was to commit to exercise. He’s on day 31 of P90X and loving it. He talks about his progress and it’s fun to watch. His only negative? He’s a Lions fan.

@dietcokeluvah You know how you meet people who are not scared ONE BIT to jump into a conversation, engage, and endear themselves to you? That’s my Diet Coke friend, who (for some reason), has an avatar of My Little Pony today. She has just started her blog, but I’m already intrigued. Note the Web sites/blogs she has listed…see a common theme?

@kyleplacy You know how there are people in this world you want to hate because they’ve hit huge success at a young age (like Mark Zuckerberg), but it’s impossible to hate them because they are kind AND successful? That’s Kyle. He wrote “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” and is a c0-founder of Brandswag. Get to know him. You won’t be sorry…or envious.

@ShellyKramer Even though Shelly has a gazillion Twitter followers, she is the most engaging person I know out there. But what I really like her is she doesn’t spend all of her time talking only to the the so-called social media experts. She engages with everyone and she participates in conversations that you’d think someone of her clout wouldn’t bother. Plus, she comes up with the funniest hashtags I’ve ever seen. She owns an integrated marketing and social media company (V3), she likes Milk Duds and wine…wait, she might be my twin!

@SarahRobinson Follow me on Twitter for, oh, about two days and it will come as no surprise that I ADORE Sarah. She was one of the first people I met, when I joined Twitter, and she quickly went about introducing me to people she thought would become friends, referrals, or clients. In the past 15 or so months, I’ve watched her figure out her niche and kill it. She’s spent 2010 on a program called “30 days to changing your game” and she’s launching a Game Changers Roundtable on Feb. 11 (full disclosure: I’m the first guest) to give participants tips and tools for innovation, creativity, and changing their games.

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