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This week we have thoughts on editing your work, the end of the universe, and women entrepreneurs.

Happy Sunday reading!

Sweating Commas

Michael on Writing. For the past year and a half, my wife has been kind and patient enough to edit the words on my site. You see I have the grammar skills of a chimpanzee and she has a masters degree in English.She loves me, yet hates poor grammar. Especially mine. Despite having little to no interest in a lot of the geeky crap I care about, she edits the majority of the posts you read to ensure my lack of knowledge doesn’t affect your level of enjoyment. She’s an amazing person. I do not deserve her.

Recently, my friend Jason Rehmus launched Sweating Commas, a service for independent writers just like me. More to support a friend than anything else, I asked him to edit a longer geekier post. I figured it was a win/win as Jason was familiar with the subject matter and it would spare my wife from having to read a comprehensive post on OmniFocus (which she could not humanly care less about). I enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to go back for another 10 posts.

I’m fascinated by the concept of personal sites and professional editors. I’ve been fortunate to have one for some time in my wife. I know what her expertise has done to help make me a better writer. With Jason, I was able to see the benefit of occasionally diversifying the feedback you get on the ideas you’re trying to share (and I got to give my wife a well deserved break from my nonsense). I’m fortunate to have my wife, but if you’re looking for feedback and don’t happen to be married to an 8th grade English teacher, check out what Jason is up to with Sweating Commas. Working with a good editor will make you a better writer, or in my case, a passable one.

How Does Science Determine the Edge of the Universe?

Howie on Time and the Universe. I have a love of science. What Matthew Kleban doesn’t answer is if time moves at different rates in different parts of the multiverse, how does this affect the Facebook timeline? Other than this is eight minutes of mind-bending (and mind-hurting) insights about time and the universe.

How to Break Out of the Female Entrepreneur Trap

Gini on Women Entrepreneurs. I may have cheered out loud when I read this Inc. article about the female entrepreneur trap. What I’m about to say will not be popular, but it’s something to consider: The women entrepreneurs who are focused on growth are hustling, recruiting, making big things happen, don’t thrill in small talk, walk fast, and are too busy to be the token female at conferences and symposiums. She embraces technology, entrepreneurship, and the start-up culture and doesn’t consider herself a female leader, but a leader. Period.

Now it’s your turn. Is there a podcast, video, book, or article you think we need to see?

Gini Dietrich

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