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This week, we look at hiring interns, what has happened to capitalism, and what the heck?? You’re wearing high heels??

Why You Might Want to Hire Interns Instead of Experts

Jason on Interns. Let’s turn conventional wisdom on its ear – maybe hiring inexperienced people could benefit your organization. How, you ask? Because interns don’t have years of work behind them, work that tends to make long term employees fearful of change and/or opportunity. Interns – or less experienced employees – are often more willing to take chances, and their egos don’t get in the way of your innovation.

Rise of the Distorporation

Howie on Capitalism. Capitalism is broke at least for 95% of the US. This is a very enlightening discussion on the history that led us to here. I know this is a dry and boring article (vs the Miley Cyrus interview) but it is a very important one. Without a larger percentage of people making enough to consume and benefit from our society, work system businesses that cater to the middle class can’t sustain. Just think the percent of people who can afford an Apple IPhone or Mac Book keeps shrinking, just as the Apple stock has, recently.

What Does it Mean to Wear Heels?

Lindsay on High Heeled Shoes. I’m kind of known for my footwear. I wear Doc Martins – where possible – and if not – roomy and comfortably-cool Adidas sneakers. I have REALLY bad feet. So, if gauging by the norms of society – I would not be that gal who gets promoted in the office, because I simply can’t wear high heeled shoes. I’ve tried – and I really go all out at weddings – wearing heels for as long as possible before pulling out my Birkenstocks. This article is insane – an attack on ladies in tech who have the temerity to wear heals at a tech event. What?? What was she thinking? I would love your feedback on this one!

Now it’s your turn. Is there a book, podcast, article, TV show, blog post, or story we should read?

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