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I am on the road this week, speaking and speaking and speaking…and getting my full-time job done in between it all.

Which means, I’m kind of out of ideas for a blog post today. I looked at my list of ideas and checked them off, “Done it. Boring. Don’t care enough right now. Blah. Blah. And blah.”

So I thought it’d be fun, instead, to give you an update on all that is happening in the world of social media this week. Because it’s A LOT and even a bit overwhelming.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Week’s Biggest Social Media News

  1. Twitter Moments. On Monday, Twitter announced “Moments,” its long-awaited curation tool. Moments, or “Project Lightning,” the working name given to the initiative when it was profiled by BuzzFeed in June, allows you to pull many tweets into one place, like third-party apps—such as Storify—allow you to do now. Moments is on the Twitter home page between notifications and messages. Go check it out!
  2. Twitter Polls. And speaking of the Twitter home page, they really want you to hang out there versus a desktop app, such as Hootsuite. If you go to your home page, some of you have the ability to add polls directly to your tweets. If you don’t have it yet, it’s coming!
  3. App Voting and Polling. And speaking of polls, Facebook won’t be outdone. They are launching an app that allows you to vote during contest and award shows. It also allows TV shows to connect with their fans to hear their thoughts on what’s going on on the show. I’m just finishing the first season of “How to Get Away with Murder” and I would very much like to give Shonda Rhimes a piece of my mind.
  4. Moving Avatar. We all have the ability to make our avatars on Facebook move. Want to have that wind blown look? Go ahead and get it done. Want your avatar to ski? Totally easy! Get your move on.
  5. Livestream. With the advent of Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook wants in on the game so they’ve launched livestreaming. It’s available to Facebook pages right now and will eventually come to your personal pages. We can all be the real-life Truman Show!
  6. Social Media Current. OK, this isn’t really a big new social media change, but Jason Keath and the Social Fresh team launched Social Media Current a couple of weeks ago and I am one of the editors. It’s seven social media links every day. Check it out and subscribe!

So there you have it. The biggest social media news in the past week.

And you know what?

That took me longer to write than a normal blog post. Some strategy.

What else is cool that we should watch?

Gini Dietrich

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