Today’s guest post is written by Molli Megasko.

I’ve lived in Manhattan now for more than two years so I am officially a cynic.

I’m not asking for permission to go around judging people, just some time from you to listen to the things that bother me – a venting session if you will.

I also promise that I’m usually not this much of a diva, but lately there are some things happening in the social media world that well, frankly, I hate.  So let’s do some therapy and get some of the things we hate off of our chests.  I’ll start with mine, then you add yours.

Things I Hate About Social Media

  • I hate when I get email alerts from people asking me to sign up for other social sites.  I’m not going to do it.  I’m overwhelmed as it is.  Until Facebook crashes, I’m happy where I am.  I’ll make you a deal, once every single person that I know has moved to another platform, I’ll be a bandwagon follower.
  • I hate when people connect on the wrong places.  For me, LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is for friends, and Twitter is for boredom.  If I have not met you in person, I’m probably not going to embarrass myself and let you have permission to see all my photos from a decade ago.
  • I hate that I’m addicted to my iPhone.  I now look forward to long lines, commercial breaks, and not being able to sleep at night.  So please keep posting pictures of your kids I’ll never meet and status updates that prove your life is cooler than mine.  I hate when I check my social sites and there is nothing new to allow me to escape my own boredom.

What do you hate about social media? Go ahead, it feels good to vent.