As you know, our webinar next week helps you understand what to do next with social media through building an online community.

You’ve spent time building a blog, you have a Facebook page, you’re on LinkedIn and Twitter, but so what?  You did what you were supposed to do, right?  You got your business online.

The main reason these social media tactics have not resulted in anything is because there is not a clear day-to-day strategy pulling them all together and that’s because we all have too much to do on our to do lists and not enough time to do it!

My guess is that building these tools and maintaining them took up the amount of time you allotted to spend on social media.  I’m not here to tell you that social media results take time and should be paid attention to just as much as anything else, because you already know that.

We also know how social media is changing the way we do business, but a recent article in the New York Times discusses how social media is what drives engagement, but maybe not results.  Is engagement enough?

The answer for most B2B companies is yes!  With engagement comes recognition and thought leadership, followed by trust and loyalty.  But it’s the engagement part that takes time.

So, I’m here to help you realize that craving out time in your day/week/month to make space and room for social media is more realistic than you may think.  I challenge each of you to get creative and show me how you would like to get your to do list done.  We’re collecting photos, videos, and stories of how people are turning their “to do lists” into “to done lists.” To be entered in the contest, post your submission on your personal or business page and tag the Arment Dietrich Facebook page.

Here are some of our ways we would like to get our to do lists done:

Maybe for you it’s pulling an all-nighter and finishing off a case of 5-hour Energy shots, or maybe you’ll just burn your list and go with the motto, “out of sight, out of mind” like I would like to do.  Either way, share your ideas with us.  There are no wrong ways to engage here, but there will be a winner.  We’ll narrow it down to three on Monday then YOU get to vote on the grand prize winner!

What does the winner get?  Well you mean, besides a feeling of accomplishment, a spark of creativity in their week, and social media engagement 101?  A free seat in our webinar, of course.