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Top Five Stories for Week Ending Sept. 17, 2010

By: Gini Dietrich | September 17, 2010 | 

It’s definitely fall in Chicago (which I love). Crisp, cool mornings, football games, homemade soup, and fabulous clothes and shoes! Speaking of football, how about that great gift we got on Sunday against the Lions?! I really can’t believe they didn’t count that last catch as a touchdown. But it’s very Chicago – we win, even if it means we have to cheat to get it.

As you get ready for your weekend, following are the top five stories for the week ending Sept. 17, 2010. Happy reading/viewing!

5. How to ask questions during a job interview. It drives me absolutely batty when a candidate goes all the way through our process to interview with me last and for me to hear, “I asked all of my questions of everyone else. I don’t really have anything to ask you.” It happens. More often than not. And guess what? That person doesn’t get a job offer. That’s why I love this video from John Heaney about how to ask INSIGHTFUL questions during a job interview.

4. Are you customer-focused or customer-centric? Two of the smartest women I know are Beth Harte and Anna Barcelos, who host the integrated marketing communications chat on Twitter every week. This week, a conversation was fueled about customer-focused vs. customer-centric. There is a slight, but very important, difference. Read the blog post they wrote after the chat to explain both…and to figure out where it makes sense for your company to go.

3. Eight ways to get things done on the plane. I am a big fan of the work Craig Jarrow does through Time Management Ninja. ALL of us need his tips at least once a week. This week he wrote a great post about turning off the movie during a flight and getting some uninterrupted work accomplished. I am a big fan of this because, when I fly, I get enough work done to equal a week of sitting in my office. I’ve actually considered buying a round-trip ticket to the west coast just to have nine hours of uninterrupted work. Read his tips and see about implementing them the next time you get on a plane!

2. The next big movement: Natural conversations. I love technology more than most. I’m constantly connected either at my desk, on my iPad, or on my phone. I love, love, love it. But I hate it, I mean it hits me in the gut, when I’m in a meeting or out with friends and people spend all of their time on their phones. I think it’s rude and disrespectful of my time. If it’s that important to you, why don’t I go back to to the office or home and we’ll text one another instead. That’s why, when I read this Harvard Business Review article about going back to natural conversations, I issued an “AMEN!”

1. The not so secret tech investment guide. If you have ever had to go for funding or think you’ll have the need in the future, this chart on the Daily Lark is a must read, download, and post on your wall kind of thing. It is pretty specific to digital technology and includes what investors will consider in social media, real-time, location-based services, the urban entrepreneur, mobile, flash sales, and behaviors and transactions. Check it out!

Have a great weekend! Go Bears!

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  • Gini, love this list! 😉

    Thanks for sharing! You are too good to me!


    • Craig, the moment you start writing crap, I’ll stop being good to you! 🙂

  • Gini, even if I weren’t on this list, it would be stellar. I’ve gradually adopted virtually all of the travel tips that Craig detailed. Noise canceling headphones may be the single best investment I’ve made. Once I put them on, turn on my iPad and start to work, I can tune everything else out. And since I my last couple of flights had wifi I’ve been able to stay connected and update blogs and social media networks as well. Of course I had to skip the latest Jennifer Aniston cinema horror, but that’s the price I’m wiling to pay.

    • John, I almost wish flights didn’t have WiFi because that means the usual distractions are still there for me (email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog comments). I typically still try to keep it off, unless I really can’t do any more of my work without the web.

  • Ben Hillage

    Gini….you are the best!!

  • Great stuff, Gini. Very informative. Although I have to take issue with one thing–there is nothing–absolutely nothing–like September in New Mexico. I got up before the sun for my run today and thought this might be quite possibly the most perfect place and time on earth. Other than Invesco Field on any Sunday afternoon, of course.

    • Steve, I am NOT coming to visit you. Thanks for trying, though. And right now I wouldn’t want to be at Invesco Field, either. Our former QB isn’t leading your team anywhere.

  • Hi Gini! Thanks for picking up the blog post on organizations being customer-centric vs. customer-focused, much appreciated! If I could scream it from a roof top (or 100), I would… APPLE IS NOT CUSTOMER-CENTRIC! Think people would get it then? LOL! 😉

    And thanks for a great reading list to check out, much appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Beth, I will help you yell it! Let’s see what happens.

  • Hi Gini!

    Thanks for including us in your top five stories. Our chat always stirs up interesting things including customer-centricity. Just defining it is tricky for many, but in the end it has and always will be about the customer. Organizations who base their business model around the customer (Best Buy, FedEx, UPS) will succeed. Apple is too busy developing products that happen to appeal to the human psyche (they actually have neuromarketing down)by creating sexy, cool products and who doesn’t want to be sexy and cool right, ha!

    • Anna, I’m a big fan of neuromarketing. I’ve been studying it a ton lately. Unfortunately, our business isn’t sexy and cool, but every company needs it so we continue to think about ways to build products (not services) around the customer.

  • Deb Bruser ( JoyFull_deb)

    GO BEARS!!! and I love Lovie Smith, too. #thatisall

    Have a great weekend!

    • Lovie is having a hard time in Chicago, Deb. But we’re winning in the fourth quarter (right now) so maybe people will begin to give the poor guy a break.